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Discover the Rewire 2024 film programme

07 Mar 2024

Functioning as an audiovisual companion piece to the music and context programme, this year’s film programme critically and artistically engages with thorny, interrelated issues, resulting in a kaleidoscope of deeply moving filmed works. All screened at cinema space Filmhuis Den Haag, a selection of recent films featuring Annea Lockwood – A Film About Listening, 32 Sounds, and The History is Present – are at the centre of the programme, alongside the Dutch premieres of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s final recorded live performance, Opus, and Riar Rizaldi’s Monisme, which portrays a dynamic human-nature relationship in one of the most active stratovolcanoes in the world, Mount Merapi.

Film programme

32 Sounds by Sam Green
A Film About Listening by Sam Green
History of the Present by Maria Fusco and Margaret Salmon
‘Lolo & Sosaku’ The Western Archive by Sergio Caballero
Monisme by Riar Rizaldi
N’Importe Quoi (for Brunhild) by Luke Fowler
Ryuichi Sakamoto | Opus by Neo Sora
The Tuba Thieves by Alison O’Daniel
The Two Sights by Joshua Bonnetta
Wendy by Frances Scott and Chu-Li Shewring
Zinzindurrunkarratz by Oskar Alegria


All screenings take place at Filmhuis Den Haag. From Thursday, March 21, it is possible to make reservations for all films in the Rewire 2024 film programme.

Register online for your free e-ticket

As there is a maximum capacity of visitors for all films, we work with free online ticket registration to make sure every visitor is assured of a seat during the film. To register for a seat, you will need to purchase a free ticket through our action code REWIRE#24 via the website of Filmhuis Den Haag.

  • Go to Filmhuis Den Haag's website and click 'koop tickets' at the desired film;
  • You then log in to use your action code. In the shopping cart, click on 'Wil je een actiecode invoeren? Klik hier'. Enter your code REWIRE#24 and click on 'invoeren'. You will now see the card type 'Action REWIRE' appear. Click 'bestellen' and 'afrekenen';
  • You will receive the free e-ticket by e-mail;
  • Access in combination with a 3-Day Pass or Day Pass.