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Film: The Tuba Thieves

by Alison O'Daniel

The Tuba Thieves is a film about a kind of listening that is not tethered to the ear. It is a film about Deaf gain, hearing loss, and the sensation of sound in Los Angeles as experienced by animals, plants, and humans, each connected by omnipresent noise pollution in the form of helicopters, airplanes, leaf blowers, and car traffic. In The Tuba Thieves, Los Angeles life – set during the time of recurring tuba thefts at many of its high schools – is interrupted by unconventional reenactments of historic concerts, jumping through time: an irritated man leaves John Cage’s 1952 premiere of 4’33”; punks and Deafies intermingle at the final punk show of the infamous Deaf Club in 1979 San Francisco; and students speak of how they organized a surprise Prince concert at the Deaf University Gallaudet in 1984. All of the above elements combine into an exploration of sound, music, and the affective sensations of mis-communication.

92 min, 2023

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Fri 5 Apr
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