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Film: 'Lolo & Sosaku' The Western Archive

by Sergio Caballero

Lolo & Sosaku are two sound artists, from Argentina and Japan, who have been collaborating since they met in Barcelona in 2004. With a combination of self-made instruments and cheeky contraptions, they create sound sculptures: machines and installations which produce mechanical, repetitive, and rhythmic noises. Sergio Caballero turns the two artists into the atypical heroes of a surreal western film, filled with gorgeous landscapes and absurdist humour. The film offers a curious reinterpretation of the genre by mixing it with slow cinema and art documentary.

The Western Archive screens on Sunday 7 April before Lolo & Sosaku’s performance at Rewire 2024.

66 min, 2024

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Sun 7 Apr
Filmhuis Den Haag