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Rewire 2024 line-up complete

07 Mar 2024

Rewire is happy to share the full line-up for its 13th edition, taking place from 4 to 7 April. Today's announcement includes the full context programme, film programme, and 19 new artists and projects. The festival will return to the city centre of The Hague to present its most extensive programme so far, brimming with exploratory spirit. A limited number of Day Passes for Rewire 2024 are available via

Context programme

Rewire is excited to announce its context programme, taking place at The Grey Space in The Middle, Page Not Found, Filmhuis Den Haag, Royal Academy of Art, Royal Conservatoire, and The Hague’s city centre. Situated around its music and performance line-up, Rewire’s context programme aims to provide a space for reflection and to bring the various practices of artists into conversation with one another. The programme includes conversations, workshops, audio walks, listening sessions, and assemblies, and revolves around Rewire’s research lines Instrumental Ecologies and Times and Territories, with a focus this year on the various forms of intelligence that inform contemporary music and sound practices. Inspired by Rewire’s artist in focus Annea Lockwood, the programme will examine the ways in which artists attune to local environments and invite listeners to recalibrate their relationships with their surroundings, while asking what it means to listen collectively in these troubling times. Read more about the context programme.

Film programme

Functioning as an audiovisual companion piece to the music and context programme, this year’s film programme critically and artistically engages with thorny, interrelated issues, resulting in a kaleidoscope of deeply moving filmed works. All screened at cinema space Filmhuis Den Haag, a selection of recent films featuring Annea Lockwood – A Film About Listening, 32 Sounds, and The History is Present – are at the centre of the programme, alongside the Dutch premieres of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s final recorded live performance, Opus, and Riar Rizaldi’s Monisme, which portrays a dynamic human-nature relationship in one of the most active stratovolcanoes in the world, Mount Merapi. Read more about the film programme.

19 new artists and projects added

Rafael Toral will perform music from his long-anticipated, new album Spectral Evolution. The latest release on Jim O’Rourke’s Moikai label, after a 22 year hibernation, it is a wonder of peaceful, microtonal ambient music, where reverberating and long-sustain guitars interweave with what sounds like birdsong. An artist delving into sounds of the natural world is Concepción Huerta, whose new album, The Earth Has a Memory, manipulates and warps recordings of everyday objects and electronic instruments to create a cacophony of noise and texture. The fantastical sound world of Nailah Hunter will be brought to life at the festival: she appears hot on the heels of her full-length debut Lovegaze, performing songs which reveal the incredible power of her voice, nestled among ambient soundscapes of echoing pads and gorgeous harp compositions. Returning to the festival are Rewire favourites Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy presenting music from their upcoming album in a brand new live show. Also returning is Alabaster DePlume who joins the 2024 Rewire line-up to present his latest and critically acclaimed album Come With Fierce Grace, full of distinct, spectral jazz sounds for saxophone and a full live band. South London collective Speakers Corner Quartet present their reverberating brand of experimental, lo-fi jazz and hip hop. Also joining the line up is the British performer and producer Brother May whose unique hip hop stylings are influenced by UK garage, jungle, downtempo, drill, and gangster rap. Tadleeh presents her new LP Lone live in full. She is joined on the line-up by two fellow label mates from YOUTH, both performing live: FUMU and Sockethead.

Olof Dreijer
– the producer, musician, and DJ, one half of The Knife – performs a DJ-set at Rewire 2024; behind the decks he brings a joyful concatenation of bass music, house, R&B, and ghetto tech, always adorned with his iconic saw-tooth synthesis stylings. With one foot in the club and one in the pop realm, No Plexus return to the festival to tease their next sonic direction in the form of a new experimental audio-visual performance in collaboration with stage designer Emmanuel Biard. Plus44Kaligula’s theatrical and moving performances interlock wafty, glistening, experimental pop with the immediate physicality of her singing and movement, lit by the peculiar alien assemblage of her microphone-as-sculpture.

Amidst the orchestral and ambient tenor of Dialect’s works is a melodic approach that is jazzy and buoyant, with each wandering piano or synth line sounding almost toylike in its sense of stretchiness and unpredictability. The experimental ambient collages of Amsterdam-based Mhm, Mhm are rich with textural strangeness and playful samples. Meuko! Meuko! combines noise, club music, and field recordings into glitchy atmospheric dance tracks. At Rewire they present alongside NONEYE the live A/V show Invisible General – a sequel to Meuko! Meuko!’s 2018 album on Danse Noire, ⻤島 Ghost Island

Joining the line-up are two The Hague–based experimental musicians working with timbre, melody, and tone in special ways. Kaðlín Sara Ólafsdóttir’s chosen instrument is the cassette tape, which she uses to create beautiful ambient compositions, accompanied by synthesisers, her voice, and the clarinet. With artful control of effects and loops, Tara Pasveer conjures dream worlds through sound and song: resounding flourishes of flute meld seamlessly with Pasveer’s voice, which delivers otherworldly sentiments through a combination of English and invented languages. Last but not least, The Hague’s alternative music stalwarts Henk & Melle perform their lo-fi kraut-infused music at the festival: they perform material from Baumhaus, which they informally call “the Rewire record” – signalling a new direction toward more explorative, electronic sounds.

Complete Rewire 2024 music line-up:

*(newly added artists in bold)

33EMYBW & Joey Holder
Aïsha Devi ‘Les Immortelles’
Alabaster DePlume
Amirtha Kidambi's Elder Ones
Amor Muere
Andrius Arutiunian ‘Naphtha, They Said’
Annea Lockwood 'Piano Burning'
Annea Lockwood 'Tête-à-tête’
Arushi Jain
Astrid Sonne
Atelier Impopulaire with Blacks' Myths ‘Before We Love, Act 2: 12 Gates’
Aunty Rayzor
Ben Frost feat. Greg Kubacki & Tarik Barri
Ben Vida with Yarn/Wire & Nina Dante
Blacks' Myths
Brìghde Chaimbeul 
Brìghde Chaimbeul, Maëva Berthelot & Temitope Ajose ‘Where the Veil is Thin’
Brother May
Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy
Carmen Jaci
Caz Egelie & Jesse Strikwerda ‘A Staged Slumber’
Cello Octet Amsterdam & Nick Verstand ‘Cocon’
Clara de Asís ‘Off Flame’
Cole Pulice
Concepción Huerta
Deli Girls
Devon Rexi
FUMU (live)
Gazelle Twin
goat (jp)
Henk & Melle ‘Baumhaus’
Henk Schut ‘Lost Sound’
HHY & The Macumbas                                
Iceboy Violet
Jeanine Verloop ‘Chime’
Jenny Hval 'I Want To Be A Machine'
Jlin & Florence To ‘AKOMA’ 
Julia Holter
Ka Baird
Kaðlín Sara Ólafsdóttir
Keeley Forsyth ‘The Hollow’
Laura Ortman
Lila Tirando a Violeta & Sin Maldita 
Liliane Chlela (live)
Lolo & Sosaku ‘The End’
Lonnie Holley
Loraine James feat. Fyn Dobson & Alessandra Leone
Louis Braddock Clarke ‘UNDER BOOM’
Marco Fusinato ‘DESASTRES’
Maria W Horn & Sara Parkman ‘Funeral Folk’
Martin Messier '1 Drop 1000 Years'
Maxime Denuc
Maya Al Khaldi & Sarouna
Maya Shenfeld & Pedro Maia ‘Under The Sun’
MAZE Ensemble & Annea Lockwood
Mette Ingvartsen & Will Guthrie ‘All Around’
Meuko! Meuko! & NONEYE ‘Invisible General’
Mhm, Mhm
ML Buch
Myra-Ida van der Veen ‘Second Breath’
Myriam Bleau ‘Hypermobility’
NAH 'Totally Recalled'
Nailah Hunter
Nandita Kumar ‘From Paradigm to Paradigm, Into the Biomic Time’
Neon Dance, Jóhann Jóhannsson & Yair Elazar Glotman, narration by Tilda Swinton ‘Last and First Men’
Nick León & Ezra Miller
Niecy Blues
No Plexus
Oceanic feat. Tharim Cornelisse ‘Choral Feeling’
Olof Dreijer
One Leg One Eye
Oneohtrix Point Never
Orphax & MAZE Ensemble
Pelle Schilling ‘LongStringInstallation’
Phét Phét Phét
Phew & Oren Ambarchi
Rafael Toral
Raphael Rogiński
Roméo Poirier & Ohme 'Tales of Entropy'
Saint Abdullah & Jason Nazary
Shovel Dance Collective
Simo Cell (live)
Slauson Malone 1
Sockethead (live)
Sophia Bulgakova ‘Спомини [Spomyny]’
Speakers Corner Quartet
Stephanie Pan & Ensemble Klang ‘The Art of Doing Nothing'
Sun Kit
Svitlana Nianio
Tadleeh ‘Lone’
Tara Clerkin Trio
Tara Pasveer
The Necks
The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters
Van Boom (live)
Venus Ex Machina
Yarn/Wire performs the music of Annea Lockwood
Youmna Saba

Context programme:

Audio walks:

Kyiv — Den Haag — Kyiv — Den Haag by Anna Khvyl
Rumours / Resonances by Justin Bennett
Speaker Liturgy by Sonology (Royal Conservatoire)


Elements of Sounding, with: Atelier Impopulaire
Elements of Sounding, with: Jenny Hval
Elements of Sounding, with: Jlin
Folkloric Iterations, Forms of Resistance, with: Maya Al Khaldi & Sarouna, Saint Abdullah, Giada Dalla Bontà
Fragile Minutes, with: Laak, default, Scenius, Liliane Chlela, Federica Notari
In conversation with Annea Lockwood, with: Annea Lockwood and Salomé Voegelin
Music Journalism Today + Rewire Reflections launch, with: Laura Snapes, Margeaux Labat, Thomas Burkhalter
Listening: A Research Method in Art and Design, with: Salomé Voegelin, Loma Doom, KABK Design Lectorate
Musicking Intelligence, Modes of Improvisation, with: Amirtha Kidambi, Farzaneh Nouri, Laura Ortman
Proximity Music, States of Fragility, with: Andrius Arutiunian, Sophia Bulgakova, Yannik Güldner, Nandita Kumar, Henk Schut, Ceola Tunstall-Behrens
Radio WORM x Rewire context closing session
Sounding a Livable Life, with Brandon LaBelle
Veering Voices, with Stephanie Pan, Kristin Norderval, Radna Rumping
When the Sound Listens Back, with: Heloisa Amaral, Justin Bennett, Giada Dalla Bontà, Anna Khvyl, Brandon LaBelle, Saint Abdullah, Salomé Voegelin, meLê yamomo, Philipp Rhensius, Katía Truijen

Listening Sessions:

Khamoush, with: Golnoosh Heshmati
21 Ingredients, with: Andrius Arutiunian and Giada Dalla Bontà
Blurred waters, with: Kristoffer Kjærskov (EOM)
Environmental Listening in Delhi, with: Suvani Suri and Hannes Liechti
Fragile Minutes: deep fried listening, with: corecore
Listening to the voices from the roof of the world, with: Nischal Khadka
More than two, with: Artificial Times and Studio for Immediate Spaces
Pulsating Apotropaic Kisses, with: Pinky Htut Aung, Avita Maheen/Kalponik Rekha
TIMEZONES Colombo, with: Norient
TIMEZONES Karachi, with: Norient
TIMEZONES Delhi, with: Norient 

Lecture performances:

Diegetic Operands, by: Farzaneh Nouri
Queer Sonic Avatars, by: Kristin Norderval


CAAOSSS concert


Deep Listening in and around Amare, with: Kristin Norderval
Elements of Akoma workshop, with: Jlin 
Rewire Reflections music magazine workshop, with: Laura Snapes 


A Staged Slumber

Film programme:

32 Sounds by Sam Green
A Film About Listening by Sam Green
History of the Present by Maria Fusco and Margaret Salmon
‘Lolo & Sosaku’ The Western Archive by Sergio Caballero
Monisme by Riar Rizaldi
N’Importe Quoi (for Brunhild) by Luke Fowler
Ryuichi Sakamoto | Opus by Neo Sora
The Tuba Thieves by Alison O’Daniel
The Two Sights by Joshua Bonnetta
Wendy by Frances Scott and Chu-Li Shewring
Zinzindurrunkarratz by Oskar Alegria


A limited amount of Day Passes for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are still available, as well as tickets for the Rewire 2024 opening programme, consisting of Neon Dance, Jóhann Jóhannsson & Yair Elazar Glotman’s ‘Last and First Men,’ and Annea Lockwood’s iconic ‘Piano Burning,’ which takes place on Thursday 4 April. Additionally, a final batch of Plus Tickets for Oneohtrix Point Never is now on sale. Book tickets via