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Preview: Rewire x Dag in de Branding

17 Sep 2021

Before we conclude the Rewire 2021 - offline edition tomorrow in collaboration with Dag in de Branding, get prepared for what we've got in store for you with this full day and night programme. We've also included some important info, read carefully below!

The programme draws together a number of different artists and projects from the world of contemporary music. Capturing the spirit of the collaboration of the two festivals, we will present ensemble performances of new pieces, unique audiovisual works and site-specific reinterpretations of older compositions. The lineup includes Zeno van den Broek & Slagwerk Den Haag, Timoteo Carbone & Federico Zurani, Meriç Artaç, Celia Swart & Kluster5, Maria W Horn, and Gareth Davis Group. Check out a couple of our highlights:

Maria W Horn presents 'Dies Irae'

Swedish composer Maria W Horn was inspired by the Dies Irae from the Latin requiem, which for centuries has accompanied the Catholic dead on their way to the grave. The Dies Irae (‘day of wrath’) describes the Last Judgment – for many believers the moment of truth, and therefore in most requiems an orchestral ‘hellfire and damnation’. But Horn makes this terrifying moment serene, pure and heavenly. Four singers seem like angels, transcending the earthly, whilst Maria W Horn supports the vocal quartet with subtle, dreamy, live electronic sounds. An exceptional element is the improvisation for four tuned glasses of water, which the musicians make sing by running their fingers around the rims. This is an homage to The Tuning Meditation by American twentieth-century pioneer Pauline Oliveros. 

Listen on bandcamp

Gareth Davis Group present 'Stockhausen - Aus Den Sieben Tagen'

The piece ‘’Aus Den Sieben Tagen’’ is a response to both the personal and the world-wide crisis which were happening at the time of its composition.  The material can be characterised as ‘’intuitive music’’, music produced primarily from intuition rather than the techniques of the performer. This instinctive approach makes it a natural means to tackle mental difficulties and challenges. This site specific event reinvents this composition for the present by combining space, light and sound. The ensemble of performers reaches from all directions and includes electronic musician Robin Rimbaud - Scanner, Motorpsycho drummer Tomas Jarmyr, Gareth Davis (Merzbow, Christian Marclay), Roland Dahinden (Miles Davis, Anthony Braxton), Dario Calderone (Klangforum Wien), Agathe Max (Rhys Chatham, Animal Hospital) and and Marketa Schaffartzik. Along with lighting designer Vinny Jones, this eclectic lineup takes elements of experimental rock, improv, jazz and neue musik in creating a work that deals directly with the here and now.

Important information about your visit
To visit Rewire x Dag in de Branding you will need to exchange your e-ticket for one wristband to access all venues. In order to receive this wristband you will need to present proof of vaccination, proof of recovery, or a negative test result.

- Visitors with a daytime or combi ticket can pick up their wristbands from 14.00 - 16.30 at Theatre aan het Spui (Spui 187). Visitors with an evening ticket can pick up their wristbands at The Grey Space in the Middle (Paviljoensgracht 20) from 17.30 - 21.30.

- All concerts are seated and all rooms have fixed seats. Indoors the audience can let go of the 1.5m social distancing. You have to remain seated during the concert, but you are allowed to go to the bar for a drink or go to the toilet.

- For any other questions about your visit, please check our FAQ:

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