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Listen: Perila & Pavel Milyakov - Pmxper

21 Aug 2023

Following their mesmerizing, atmospheric performance at Koorenhuis during Rewire 2023, Perila and Pavel Milyakov (aka Buttechno), just released their long-awaited collaborative album Pmxper. We had been looking forward to the new release, full of lilting guitar, curled jazz and brushed drums, wrapped around Perila’s distinctive spoken word and poetry. Matched together with Milyakov’s hazy mix of electronics and guitar, this joint enterprise results in mesmerising, smokey, and effortlessly cool music.

Pavel Milyakov & Perila during Rewire 2023 (photo: Pierre Zylstra)

Boomkat: “Recorded (mostly) remotely between 2020-2022, but mired in a mutual interiority, their sublimely smoky venture bridges strains of spoken word, strung-out country folk, jazz and etheric kosmische with a timeless control of mood and atmosphere that amounts to one of the finest episodes in either’s oeuvre. In a properly enchanted blurring of identity, they almost entirely dispense with digital tools in favour of more pastoral and timeless energies; guitar, sax, jazzy brush drums and a Rhythm Ace FR-3 drum machine, a sort of precursor to Roland’s simmering CR-78.”

Listen Pmxper via Boomkat

Photo: Pavel Milyakov & Perila during Rewire 2023 by Pierre Zylstra