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A field guide to Rewire 2024

02 Apr 2024

Rewire 2024 is near, but before you head to The Hague here are the last few tips to prepare for your visit. Our field guide offers tips on tickets & wristbands, registrations, venues, and other essential information. Any other urgent questions? Make sure to check our FAQ here.

1. Tickets & Wristbands

Tickets for Rewire 2024 are now sold out. Official reselling of Rewire tickets goes through our TicketSwap page.

Please note: to access the festival you will need to exchange your e-ticket for a wristband upon arrival at our Ticket & Info Centre. The Ticket & Info Centre at GR8 (Prinsegracht 8) is your go-to for picking up your Rewire wristband, picking up Rewire merchandise, a programme booklet, or a timetable. There will be Rewire staff ready to answer your questions. Opening hours:

Friday 5 April 10.00 - 23.00

Saturday 6 April 10.00 - 23.00

Sunday 7 April 10.00 - 22.00

After the Ticket & Info Centre is closed, e-tickets can be exchanged for a wristband at PAARD.

2. Registrations

For a selection of events, we offer visitors the opportunity to ensure their spot. By registering for free, visitors will be granted early access to the venue and have a guaranteed place. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. To ensure a smooth entry and to not disturb the start of the concert, we ask visitors with a registration ticket to be there early: reservations are valid until 5 minutes before the concert starts. 

Please note: registration is not mandatory. 

Thursday 4 April:
Book Launch and Performances: Listening: A Research Method in Art and Design + Soundscape - register
Free entrance

Audio walk: Kyiv — Den Haag — Kyiv — Den Haag - register
Free participation

Audio walk: Speaker Liturgy - register 11:00 - 12:00, register 14:00 - 15:00
Free participation

Friday 5 April:
Audio walk: Kyiv — Den Haag — Kyiv — Den Haag - register
Free participation

Film programme: A Film About Listening & History of the Present, The Tuba Thieves, N'Importe Quoi (for Brunhild) & Wendy - reserve a ticket
Free reservation in combination with a valid 3-Day Pass or day ticket

Saturday 6 April:
CAAOSSS x Rewire – performances and installations - register
Free entrance

Soundwalk: Beyond Forgotten Sounds - register
Free participation

Film programme: Zinzindurrunkarratz, The Two Sights, Monisme - reserve a ticket
Free reservation in combination with a valid 3-Day Pass or day ticket

Sunday 7 April:
Workshop: Deep Listening in and around Amare - register
Free participation

Film programme: 32 Sounds, Ryuichi Sakamoto | Opus, 'Lolo & Sosaku' The Western Archive - reserve a ticket
Free reservation in combination with a valid 3-Day Pass or day ticket

3. Timetable

To get you started with your festival planning, we created a digital timetable on our website where you can highlight and save all your favourite concerts, talks, screenings, installations, and more. View the timetable here, including a .pdf version. Printed timetables will be freely available at GR8, PAARD, The Grey Space and the Middle during the festival weekend. 

The Rewire 2024 timetable is also available to view on the go via our official festival app TimeSquare. Download it here.

4. Venues & Map

Rewire 2024 is spread across  30+ stages at 25 different venues in The Hague’s city centre. Most venues are within walking distance of each other, and it shouldn’t take you more than a quick stroll to get from one to the other. Koninklijke Schouwburg and West Den Haag can be reached by taking Tram 16 from Central Station to the Korte Voorhout stop. You can find information about each of the Rewire 2024 locations on our Venues page. To give you a quick overview, we made a handy map.

Please note that all venues have a maximum capacity. Be on time to avoid missing out on a specific performance.

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5. Rewire 2024 Festival App

For this year Rewire has again teamed up with TimeSquare to present an interactive festival app for Rewire 2024. 

The app allows you to explore the timetable and programme, and plan your own festival routes by saving your favourite artists, with the option to receive a reminder when these performances are due to take place. The interactive festival map allows you to easily navigate the festival locations. Additionally, we included the Rewire 2024 festival playlist, where you can listen to snippets of tracks to get an idea of what to expect, whilst reading up on the latest festival news.

Download the official Rewire 2024 festival app.

6. Programme Booklet

Get familiar with the full Rewire 2024 programme by checking out our programme booklet. The physical booklet will be freely available at most of our venues during the festival weekend. Available soon.

7. Rewire 2024 Opening Programme

Opening Rewire 2024, the festival will kick off with the opening programme on Thursday 4 April, including the live performance work by Neon Dance; Jóhann Jóhannsson & Yair Elazar Glotman’s Last and First Men, narrated by Tilda Swinton. For this performance a separate ticket has to be purchased here. Additionally, the opening programme will feature various context programme events. For the full opening programme, please visit the Rewire 2024 timetable.

8. Free Programme

Because we believe that music should be accessible to anyone, we’re hosting several free activities during Rewire 2024. Our festival’s free programme consists of musical performances, workshops, soundwalks and art installations.

The Rewire 2024 context programme
Situated around its music and performance line-up, Rewire’s context programme provides a space for reflection and brings the various practices of artists into conversation with each other. Through workshops, conversations and listening sessions and assemblies, the context programme offers free to attend events throughout The Hague’s city centre. A full overview of the context programme can be found here.

Proximity Music: States of Fragility
With their 3-day running free exhibition, Proximity Music: States of Fragility invites audiences to engage playfully with mind and body and seeks to connect music, architecture, technology, ritual, and play through physical experiences engaging with all senses. All Proximity Music: States of Fragility activities are free for everyone to attend. A full overview of the Proximity Music line-up can be found here.

Rewire x 3345 in-store
On the Saturday afternoon of Rewire 2024, we return to our favourite record store 3345 to host an in-store event. The freely accessible event bills none less than FUMU, Lila Tirando b2b Sin Maldita, Lolo Batten, and Nèna. This is the perfect moment to score some vinyl of your favourite artists, while enjoying the dopamine-inducing music of the in-store's artists.

Centrale Bibliotheek Den Haag
On Saturday 6 April an interactive installation for all ages will take place in The Hague’s Central Library. Here you can enter the colourful and musical world of The Kaleidoskosmos: an enchanting work of light and sound art.

9. Film programme

Functioning as an audiovisual companion piece to the music and context programme, this year’s film programme critically and artistically engages with thorny, interrelated issues, resulting in a kaleidoscope of deeply moving filmed works. All screened at cinema space Filmhuis Den Haag, a selection of recent films featuring Annea Lockwood – A Film About Listening, 32 Sounds, and The History is Present – are at the centre of the programme, alongside the Dutch premieres of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s final recorded live performance, Opus, and Riar Rizaldi’s Monisme, which portrays a dynamic human-nature relationship in one of the most active stratovolcanoes in the world, Mount Merapi. Find out more about the Rewire 2024 film programme and registration here.

10. Getting around at the festival

All our festival locations are located in the centre of The Hague and, are easily accessible by foot. The Hague also offers a good infrastructure for cycling if you want to get to another location faster. 

In case you want to get around by bike, and are based in The Netherlands, we recommend renting an OV bike for just €4.45 per day. In addition, there are several bike rentals in the city available to all. Especially for the festival, we have created an extensive bicycle parking area right in front of PAARD, one of the festival's main venues.

11. Listen to the festival playlist

To give you an idea of what to expect during the festival, we’ve compiled an official Rewire 2024 festival playlist. Dive in and explore before you join us in The Hague this weekend.

Listen on Spotify:


Listen on Apple Music:


Listen on BuyMusicClub

12. Plus Tickets for Autechre and Oneohtrix Point Never

For Autechre’s performance on Friday, 5 April, and Oneohtrix Point Never’s performance on Sunday, April 7 a Plus Ticket for the price of €5 is required. This guarantees visitors access to the performance. Please note: Plus Tickets for Autechre are sold out. More info.

Exchange your Plus Ticket e-ticket for a Plus Ticket wristband at the Ticket & Info Centre at GR8 (Prinsegracht 8).

Accompanying the Plus Ticket, Plus Ticket ticket buyers will receive a drink voucher, redeemable for a beer, a glass of wine, or a soft drink at PAARD, Koorenhuis, Concordia & Lutherse Kerk.

Photo by Alex Heuvink