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Kit Downes & Ensemble Klang

Saturday, 30 March
Lutherse Kerk

London-based composer, pianist and organist Kit Downes dives into the space between the organised and the disorganised. His work as an organist is as much one of explorer and archaeologist as sparkling improviser and virtuosic interpreter. Studying extended techniques derived from instruments that are sometimes in a state of disrepair, he connects and adapts the improvised tradition of the instrument to explore themes of duration, vibration and mechanics. At Rewire 2019, Downes presents a new collaboration with Dutch new music group Ensemble Klang. Commissioned by Rewire and Dag in de Branding, the project sees Downes compose a new set of works for the Lutherse Kerk organ, alongside Ensemble Klang’s electric guitar, piano, percussion and saxophones.

Dag in de Branding x Rewire

Rewire 2019 sees us teamup with fellow The Hague festival Dag in de Branding for a Saturday programme of adventurous contemporary music. In addition to Kit Downes & Ensemble Klang, the collaboration features Eli Keszler, Elaine Mitchener, Diamanda Dramm, and Henry Vega & Jan Willem Troost.