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Henry Vega & Jan Willem Troost

Saturday, 30 March
Korzo (studio)

Uniting as Nine Volt, New York-born new music composer Henry Vega and Dutch cellist Jan Willem Troost bridge the worlds of traditional instrumentation and electronic sound. First coming together for the dance and film project Prague Pieces, Vega and Troost will present a new work entitled ‘Nine Volt Motions’ at Rewire 2019. Harnessing Vega’s ‘microminimal’ approach and Troost’s folk, pop and contemporary music inspirations, ‘Nine Volt Motions’ materialises as a subtle and colourful electroacoustic experience.

Dag in de Branding x Rewire

Rewire 2019 sees us teamup with fellow The Hague festival Dag in de Branding for a Saturday programme of adventurous contemporary music. In addition to Henry Vega & Jan Willem Troost, the collaboration features Eli Keszler, Kit Downes & Ensemble Klang, Elaine Mitchener, andDiamanda Dramm.