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Prinsegracht 12

PAARD was founded in 1972. Alongside other venues – like Paradiso, Melkweg, 013 and Vera – the PAARD is regarded as one of the main centres for live pop music in the Netherlands and is famous for booking a broad range of leftfield and underground music. The PAARD has two stages, one with a capacity for 1000 people (PAARD I), the other holding 300 (PAARD II). The venue also has acafé and is located on the Prinsengracht in The Hague, diagonally opposite the lively Grote Markt.


Paard is located right in the centre of the Hague, diagonally across from the lively Grote Markt. It is around the corner from the Lutherse Kerk, across the street from Koorenhuis and within walking distance from most other Rewire venues.

Street address: Prinsegracht 12