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When The Sound Listens Back

28 Mar 2024

We listen to sound, but what if the sound listens back? Rewire and Norient collaborate once again and launch an online publication diving into the connections between music, sound, and environmental listening. Featuring essays, audio pieces, and a playlist, the contributions reflect on ideas about the importance of listening beyond one’s ear, its ethics, and its critical potential. When the Sound Listens Back will be launched and expanded during the assembly at Rewire 2024 on 5 April.

With contributions by Anna Khvyl, Antye Greie-Ripatti (AGF), Katía Truijen, Mabe Fratti, Majd Shidiac, Philipp Rhensius, Salomé Voegelin, Andra McCartney, beatnyk, Daniel Jakob, Jana Saleh, Joseph Kamaru (KMRU), Juan José López, Ludwig Berger, Luis Velasco-Pufleau, Mallika Taneja, Pale Blue Dotter and Thomas Burkhalter. 

Read: When the Sound Listens Back

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