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What's on today: Sunday at Rewire 2023

08 Apr 2023

As we’re heading into the final day of Rewire 2023, we’re pointing you towards some of the programme highlights you certainly don’t want to miss this Sunday. So, dive into the last day of Rewire 2023 and plan the conclusion of your festival experience with these tips. 

Maria Chavez + Mariam Rezaei + Victoria Shen - Koninklijke Schouwburg, 12:45

Sound artists, composers, and performers Maria Chavez, Mariam Rezaei, and Victoria Shen share an affinity for the turntable as an instrument for musical experimentation and improvisation. For Rewire 2023 Chavez, Rezaei, and Shen have been invited to collaborate on a commission to develop a performance for twelve turntables. The trio will be using “Needle Nails,” acrylic nails with built-in turntable needles that allow for simultaneous playback of multiple sound sources on the same record, developed by Shen.

Talk: A conversation with Patti Smith and Soundwalk Collective - Nieuwe Kerk, 15:00

Stephan Crasneanscki (Soundwalk Collective) and Patti Smith will enter into a conversation on listening to different times and territories and their long-term collaboration. At Rewire, they will perform the world premiere of Correspondences, the result of an ongoing collaborative project and conversation between Soundwalk Collective and legendary artist, poet and performer Patti Smith that has spanned over 10 years and across multiple geographies, uncovering the sonic steps left by poets, film makers, revolutionaries and extraordinary events that have taken place in specific locations. 

Soundwalk Collective & Patti Smith, together Simone Merli, Patti Smith, Lucy Railton and Nicolas Becker, perform their new live show on Sunday evening 20:30.

Joe Rainey & String Quartet - Nieuwe Kerk, 16:30

With his debut album Niineta (2022), Joe Rainey demonstrates a distinctive command of the Pow Wow style, descending from Indigenous singing heard across the waters of what is now called Minnesota. His musical project is one of channelling and echoing – orchestrating and recontextualizing the ancient Pow Wow song forms in exciting and new in-between places. Rewire has invited Rainey, Broder, and Netherlands-based string players Alistair Sung, Isa Goldschmeding, Jellantsje de Vries, and Thora Sveinsdóttir for a residency in The Hague to translate Niineta into a live show with strings.

Tim Hecker & Vincent de Belleval - Amare - Danstheater, 17:45

Renowned Canadian musician and sound artist Tim Hecker is no stranger to some Rewire visitors, as he was invited to perform his masterful piece Konoyo alongside the Konoyo Ensemble in 2019. Following the release of his latest album No Highs, Hecker will perform a unique, collaborative show with installation, stage, and object design by multidisciplinary artist Vincent de Belleval at Rewire 2023. 

upsammy & Jonathan Castro Germ in a Population of Buildings - Concordia CC, 19:15

Dutch DJ and producer Thessa Torsing, better known as upsammy, makes dreamy, abstract dance tracks that fluidly switch between styles such as electro, techno, and IDM. Her explorative-based musical practice compliments that of graphic designer and multidisciplinary artist Jonathan Castro Alejos, whose work oscillates between the real and the fictitious, the tactile and the artificial, the recognizable and the uncanny. For Rewire 2023, the duo are joining forces to present the world premiere of Germ in a Population of Building, a live A/V show based around upsammy’s upcoming album on PAN.

No Plexus - PAARD II, 21:30

As Rewire’s Young Artist in Residence for 2023 and 2024, this leftfield and genre-queer musical duo is developing new music and performances, as showcased during the world premiere of this new show, featuring raw and physical vocal performances, anchored by densely detailed drum programming and ever-evolving sound design. Their sonic palette and insatiable desire for futurism can be comparable to SOPHIE, Arca, Björk and other artistic pioneers at the edges of electronic music, so expect an all-out, eclectic and electric performance.

Kelela - PAARD I, 22:00

The music of Kelela has always been simultaneously suited for a packed club event and an intimate listening session at home. By embracing emerging club styles pioneered by visionary producers like Bok Bok, Arca, and Jam City, Kelela has reshaped contemporary R&B in her own vision with brooding instrumentals, soaring vocals, and glistening sound design. Returning with new music after five years with the incredible third studio album Raben. Kelela’s exclusive live performance at Rewire 2023 will undoubtedly be an emotionally charged experience.

Wacław Zimpel & Ben Kreukniet - Concordia CC, 22:45

Polish composer, classically-trained clarinettist, and multi-instrumentalist Wacław Zimpel is a beloved alumnus of Rewire coming back this year with a unique collaboration with visual artist Ben Kreukniet. Zimpel and Kreukniet will create a series of new audiovisual compositions using material of Zimpel’s newly recently Train Spotter album. Incorporating field recordings made in 2021 during his art scholarship with the city of Warsaw, Zimpel explores here a more electronic dimension to his music, while retaining his unbridled creativity and multi-instrumentalist sensibilities.

Rewire 2023 afterparty - The Grey Space - Basement, 23:00

Come celebrate the conclusion of this unforgettable Rewire edition during the official Rewire 2023 Afterparty in the basement of The Grey Space in the Middle! Maria Chavez, Fatima Ferrari, and Fanny will take the stage to close off the final night of Rewire 2023 and send off the festival with three outgoing, freewheeling deejay-sets, befitting of the Rewire ethos.


23.00 - 00.00 Fanny

00.00 - 01.00 Maria Chavez

01.00 - 02.00 Fatima Ferrari