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What's on today: Saturday at Rewire 2023

08 Apr 2023

Following an unforgettable Friday at Rewire 2023, we’re already looking ahead to all the great things today will have in store for you today. From insightful talks, to instore events and mind-blowing performances, there's something for everyone in the packed Saturday programme. Here are some of the highlights to help you plan your festival visit.

Rewire x Carhartt WIP instore - 3345, 13:00

Today, we return to our favourite record store 3345 to host an in-store event in collaboration with Carhartt WIP. The freely accessible event bills none less than Bitter Babe, Nazar, Noise Diva & Zoë Mc Pherson. This is the perfect moment to score some vinyl of your favourite artists, a Rewire x Carhartt WIP t-shirt or a pre-release copy of our first vinyl release, all while enjoying the dopamine-inducing music of the instore's artists.

Daniel Blumberg GUT - Nieuwe Kerk, 18:00

London-based musician, songwriter, and composer Daniel Blumberg presents the first performance of his striking new work GUT, an intensely personal piece of music performed solo in an intimate live environment. Led by his soaring vocals and supported by an exploratory palette of bass harmonica, Steinberger bass, and drum machine, Blumberg channels a unique inner world with unflinching emotional directness.

Talk: Expanding Turntablism - The Grey Space, 18:15

Sound artists, composers, and performers Maria Chávez, Mariam Rezaei, and Victoria Shen share an affinity for the turntable as an instrument for musical experimentation and improvisation. During this session, Chávez, Rezaei, and Shen will enter into a conversation on their collaboration and the performance for 12 turntables that they will present at Rewire 2023, as well as demonstrating and discussing how their idiosyncratic techniques and approaches to the instrument have evolved over time.

Morita Vargas - Paard II, 19:30

Born and raised in Argentina, Morita Vargas' music draws from her rich cultural heritage, while immersing herself in digital music, opening up to a world of electronic tools to capture their sounds, interacting with the ‘ambient’ genre, ‘dream pop’ and ‘hybrid fantasy'. She manipulates her voice through reverbs, delays and whispers, singing in a self-invented 'language'. The sound of Morita’s voice is a portal into her thriving, dreamlike world brimming, shimmering and beating with unrefined natural sensations which stimulate something primordial yet strangely contemporary.

Infinity Knives & Brian Ennals - Concordia CC, 20:55

With their latest album King Cobra, Infinity Knives & Brian Ennals have solidified their reputation as one of the most exciting, eclectic, and wildly experimental hip-hop formations hailing from Baltimore. Bending hip-hop frameworks to uniquely idiosyncratic styles, King Cobra ranges from spaced-out funk, janky rap anthems, and stark trap manifestos to sprawling, synthesiser rap ballads. Ennals’s personal bars, delivered with an agile flow, complement the dexterous productions of Infinity Knives like no other.

Alto Arc - PAARD I, 22:35

This supergroup, consisting of Deafheaven frontman George Clarke, maverick pop producer Danny L Harle, Trayer Tryon from Hundred Waters, and make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench, is a match made in heaven – or in hell. Alto Arc’s eponymous 2022 release is highly stylized, maximalist, spellbinding music that verges on the grotesque, the sublime, and the macabre. Rewire has commissioned them to perform together for the first time, translating the maximalist style of their release into a bewitching and entrancing live show.

Aleksandra Słyż A Vibrant Touch A Vibrant Touch - Nieuwe Kerk, 22:55

Aleksandra Słyż is a Polish composer, sound artist and sound engineer, whose second full-length album A Vibrant Touch (2022) tackles sound as a purely physical phenomenon. During Rewire 2023, Słyż and the quartet of musicians will perform the music of A Vibrant Touch integrally in a live setting. The brilliantly executed dynamic between the various instruments and their respective sound qualities, results in striking, near- hypnotic microtonal explorations that underpin the compositional sensibilities and musical prowess of Słyż.

Lucy Liyou - Korzo - Zaal, 00:15

Philadelphia-based artist Lucy Liyou synthesises field recordings, text-to-speech readings, poetry, and elements from Korean folk opera into sonic narratives that explore the implications of Orientalism and westernisation.Combining all these disparate sonic elements into critically cohesive pieces, the musical world of Lucy Liyou alternates between beautiful serenity and unsettling entropy. This fragile equilibrium translates perfectly to the stage, where Lucy Liyou will perform as a duo with Nick Zanca, combining piano, vocals, guitar, and electronics. 

Amnesia Scanner & Freeka Tet - PAARD I, 01:15

Following a slew of experimental and innovative performances, the deconstructed club powerhouse-duo Amnesia Scanner has teamed up with New York City-based digital artist Freeka Tet for, which is developed out of their Unplugged performance, described by the artists as an “album which will never be released,” but can only be heard and experienced during live performances. So don’t miss what will be a once-in-a-lifetime performance of one of the most renowned acts in the field of experimental electronic and club music.