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What's on today: Saturday at Rewire 2022

09 Apr 2022

Head into the weekend with the second full day of Rewire! With an expansive programme of performances, talks, installations and screenings, we’ve narrowed things down for you with our festival tips for the day ahead!

Before the music programme kicks-off again, head to Filmhuis Den Haag to dive into Expedition Content, an augmented sound work / documentary essay that reflects on material captured during the Harvard Peabody Expedition to Netherlands New Guinea (today West Papua). Be sure to also experience the immersive sound installation Sounding the Spui or to visit Amare for performances and installations in the exhibition programme Proximity Music: Sensing After Thought.

If you want to start your day with some tunes and good times, drop by record store 3345 for the Rewire x Carhartt WIP Instore, with aya (dj-set), Torus, and Yeong Die and LazerGazer on the lineup.

Saturday also sees the presentation of participating artists in the Tactology Lab. During this lab, organised by Sounds Like Touch, ​​artists and creators can experiment with physical forms and ways of interaction with technology, producing new electronic instrument prototypes. 

Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble and Bang on a Can All-Stars ‘Memory Game’ - Amare, 19.00

Meredith Monk and her Vocal Ensemble follow up yesterday’s performance of ‘Cellular Songs’ with this collaborative concert, alongside Bang on a Can All-Stars. Drawing from Monk’s extensive catalogue of groundbreaking compositional work, the two ensembles present nine reorchestrated pieces from Monk's varied theatrical productions, most prominently The Games: a science fiction opera. As the title implies, it’s not only a fitting retrospective of Monk’s lasting artistic triumphs, but also a reminder of how Monk's music can play with our expectations in poignant and compelling ways.

Eartheater feat. LEYA - Grote Kerk, 20.30

Gliding between the serene and the turbulent, contemporary club sounds and pastoral folk music, digital punctuations and classical composition, multi-instrumentalist, composer and vocalist Alexandra Drewchin has forged a striking signature over four albums. Flexing a three-octave vocal range, provocative lyrics and curious wordplay, Drewchin’s songs are multilayered and rich in meaning, imbued in a cheeky spirituality that defines the Eartheater project. Together with renowned ambient duo LEYA, Eartheater performs a new live show based around the album Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin at Rewire 2022.

Leo Svirsky & The River Without Banks - Lutherse Kerk, 20.40

Leo Svirsky is a Russian-American pianist and composer currently based in the Hague, Netherlands. Grounded in history, symbolism, song and story, Svirsky’s music upholds a poetic, romantic quality. Today, Svirsky will present the full live version of his expansive project ‘Leo Svirsky & The River Without Banks’. Created through an extensive collaborative process, ‘The River Without Banks’ immerses the listener in never ending reverberation, unbinding place and time and blurring the perception of past and present.

Anna von Hausswolff ‘All Thoughts Fly’ - Grote Kerk 21.45 

The music of Anna Von Hausswolff lingers between the melancholic and ecstatic. Inspired by folklore, fairy tales, literature, poetry and cinema, the Swedish multi-instrumentalist evokes layered narratives and dense storyworlds. Today, Anna von Hausswollf will perform a live rendition of her album All Thoughts Fly on Church organ. The album is an intimate and captivating sonic journey that transposes the 16th-century instrument to highly distinctive, contemporary compositions.

Jenny Hval - PAARD I, 22.45

Inspired by pop luminaries like Kate Bush and Laurie Anderson, the Norwegian singer-songwriter has carved out her own and unique space on the boundary of contemporary pop and avant-garde music. Combining elements of electronic music, jazz, rock and pop, Hval’s sound shifts from project to project. What brings all her output together is a literary and intertextual depth to her finely crafted, dreamlike music. Last month, she released her critically-acclaimed eighth album Classic Objects.

Cheb Runner - The Grey Space, 23.30

Producer Cheb Runner (real name Reda Senhaji) is a musical hurricane rooted in the Moroccan soil, exploring the West European electronic musical landscapes. Nurtured by both worlds, he represents a new sound of in-betweenness. Both as producer, composer and dj he is merging traditional and contemporary electronic sounds together moving from Moroccan chaabi, spiritual sounds to eclectic disco, deep techno and Dutch gabber. He is part of the (A)WAKE collective. During this hour-long live-set entitled 'Angry Immigrant', he will be supported by artist Salim Bayri.

Ecko Bazz - PAARD II, 01.00

Merging the sounds of hardcore UK grime with dancehall, American trap and ferocious Lugandan lyrical style, the Ugandan rapper Ecko Bazz has become a unique phenomenon exploding onto the Eastern Africa hip hop and grime scene. His forceful and poignant club music is now taking the world by storm. Tonight he will take the stage of PAARD II to share material from his explosive debut album Mmaso, a hard-hitting tour-de-force that interrogates violence, religion, drug abuse and poverty in Uganda through the lense of Ecko Bazz’ distinctive musical personality.

Evian Christ - PAARD I, 01.45

Under the moniker of Evian Christ, Joshua Leary managed to distil various innovations of 2010s club music into one forceful musical project. Taking cues from southern trap, euro trance, stadium-sized EDM and the emerging stylistic traits of deconstructed club, Evian Christ blew up undercurrents in electronic music to a widescreen, 4K blockbuster experience. In advance of the release of his highly anticipated debut LP on WARP Records, Evian Christ presents a first listen to his much-awaited new material, accompanied by a spectacular liveshow designed and operated by frequent artistic collaborator Emmanuel Biard.

Nkisi - PAARD II, 02.00 

Melika Ngombe Kolongo, known by her alias Nkisi, explores the sonic resonances between traditional rhythms, hard European dance tropes, and synthesizer melodies. Her intricate sound worlds channel African cosmology through a dazzling array of contemporary club styles like gqom, juke, grime and techno. During Rewire, Nkisi presents a new A/V performance, focussing on the gestural world of spiritual guardians called the Zangbeto.

Mika Oki - The Grey Space, 02.00 

The Brussels-based deejay, visual artist and producer Mika Oki delivers eclectic, hard-hitting and surprising dance floor sets with prolific selections that range from  jungle, UK bass and gqom to dark electro, mesmerising trance and heavy EBM. By animating a wide range of voice samples, experimental sounds and electroacoustic music extracts, she plays like a sculptor with a duty to create an unsettling atmosphere. Percussive but generous, erudite yet uninhibited, Mika Oki’s unique mixes deliver sights and sounds to behold.