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Watch the Rewire 2019 short documentary

11 Jul 2019

We invite you to look back with us at our latest, sold-out festival edition, which took place from 29 to 31 March in The Hague.


During the ninth edition of Rewire, we continued our tradition of highlighting innovative music, by presenting multidisciplinary crossovers and forward-thinking artists who push boundaries and rewire the idea of what music and performance can be today. Whether it’s musicians who embrace innovation, explore new artistic directions and collaborations, seek out contemporary forms of performative expression, use emerging technologies such as AI, or invent their own instruments, Rewire 2019 explored how they disrupt the status quo and intervene across a spectrum of musical outputs and artistic disciplines.

The documentary features short interviews with Adam Harper, Jennifer Walshe, Memo Akten, Rebecca Fiebrink, Dianne Verdonk, Mark Fell, Sega Bodega, Astrid Sonne, Pete Harden and Kit Downes.

Video by Mind The Film.

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