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Watch: Ka Baird's - Gate VIII previews a captivating upcoming release

25 Jan 2024

New York based vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer Ka Baird shares a video for “Gate VIII”, a glimpse into their forthcoming release, shot and directed by Sebastian Mlynarski. The track features a list of contributors including Henry Fraser on contrabass gabby fluke-mogul on violin Troy Schafer on strings Chris Williams on trumpet and electronics, and Ka’s cat Nini purring it up.

A long-term member of cult psych-folk band Spires That in the Sunset Rise, Baird released their debut solo album Sapropelic Pycnic in 2017 on label Drag City. Its folky, flutey loops were laced with electronic intervention, vocal gusto, fervent energy, and an experimental psych edge that has been stripped back to its core on Bearings: Soundtracks for the Bardos (2024), set to be released March 22 on label RVNG Intl.. “I am obsessed with hyper-presence and physicality,” they say in their artist statement. “I want to spew sound around, much like spit or the exhalation of a breath . . .” The music surely has a physical and bodily quality to it, but it also has a peculiar sense of lightness and airiness. It’s gas-like in a way: diffusing and expanding and growing in all directions from a single point in Baird’s lungs.

Watch Ka Baird’s “Gate VIII” music video: 

Watch "Ka Baird - Gate VIII [Official Video]" by "RVNG Intl." on

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