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Watch: Julia Holter announces Something in the Room She Moves

06 Feb 2024

Julia Holter announced her highly anticipated LP, Something in the Room She Moves, scheduled for release on March 22nd via Domino Records. Known for her ability to traverse diverse musical landscapes, Holter's upcoming album masterfully blends together fretless electric bass, gliding vocal melodies, while intertwining the distinctive lines of Yahama CS-60 synthesiser.

Describing her creative process, Holter shares that the new music is inspired by a focus on the corporeal - the complexity and transformability of our bodies. The Los Angeles-based composer explains, "I was trying to create a world that's fluid-sounding, water-like, evoking the body's internal sound world."  Holter's boundless experimentation draws parallels with the folk-infused power-pop of the 1970s while projecting a pioneering vision that resonates with future-pop music soundscapes. Her ability to seamlessly merge influences from different eras and genres is a testament to her unique artistic vision and makes her one of experimental music's most innovative voices.

Pre-order Something in the Room She Moves via Bandcamp:

Watch “Spinning” music video:

Watch "Julia Holter - Spinning (Official Video)" by "Julia Holter" on

Julia Holter will make her return to Rewire to perform live on Friday 5 April.