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Watch: Fever Ray release the music video for their new single Kandy

27 Jan 2023

Fever Ray deliver once again with the music video for their new single Kandy. Directed by Martin Falck the video is an ode to the shared history with their brother Olof.

With the release of their first album in five years, Fever Ray are slowly lifting the veil on the project Radical Romantics. With the earlier releases of the singles Carbon Dioxide and What they Call Us, they have set the tone for an album that promises to be an eerie, yet joyous celebration of Fever Ray’s artistry. 

The scheduled album is partly the result of the rekindled relationship with Karin Dreijer’s brother Olof. With several tracks on the album credited to his name. A historical collaboration, as it is the first time in eight years that the pair have released music together. This shared history is referenced in Kandy with the use of the SH101 synthesizer, which typified their earlier work with The Knife. 

For the music video Ray collaborated with director Martin Falck who dressed them in a slick pink outfit and lets them steal the show in a Lynchian after hours club. All while being watched by a single, freakish spectator.

Watch "Fever Ray - 'Kandy' (Official Video)" by "Fever Ray" on

Radical Romantics arrives 10 March on Rabid Records.


1. What They Call Us

2. Shiver

3. New Utensils

4. Kandy

5. Even It Out

6. Looking For A Ghost

7. Carbon Dioxide

8. North

9. Tapping Fingers

10. Bottom Of The Ocean