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Watch: claire rousay's & Morita Vargas' visual for Humo De Margatina Dulce

17 May 2023

In the run-up to the release of the first compilation album Remotely Together (June 2, Rewire), Rewire releases the original video performance of claire rousay & Morita Vargas' 2021 collaboration Humo De Margatina Dulce.

The on atmospheric opener Humo De Margatina Dulce sets the scene on Remotely Together with its crunching sounds of footsteps over a grassy environment. The collaborative song between North American percussionist and improviser claire rousay and Argentinian vocalist Morita Vargas, blends rousay's textural mix of field recordings, everyday sounds, and deep electronics with Vargas’s ethereal vocals, paving the way for compelling music that gradually draws its listeners deeper into its mysterious sound world.

In the midst of COVID-19 lockdowns, Rewire initiated a number of collaborations between disparate artists from all over the world, connecting them remotely to explore new creative practices both online and in isolation. The audiovisual results of these residencies were presented during the online edition of the 2021 festival, and have now been compiled in Rewire's first vinyl release Remotely Together, which will come out on June 2. You can now find the original performance of claire rousay & Morita Vargas on our Youtube channel.

The performance is edited and produced by MIND THE FILM.

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