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Watch: Ben Bertrand performs ‘Manes’ at Kunstmuseum Den Haag

17 Dec 2021

Rewire-alumnus Ben Bertrand brings an intimate and hypnotic rendition of his album Manes to Kunstmuseum in The Hague.

Channeling his bass clarinet through a plethora of sound effects, Belgian composer Ben Bertrand crafts hypnotic pools of sound that dilate time and space. For the Rewire 2021 - online edition, we invited him to perform a version of his album Manes at Kunstmuseum Den Haag. Shot and recorded live on location, Rewire is now proud to present this intimate performance in which Bertrand traverses the mesmerizing and versatile sonic qualities of the clarinet.

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Ben Bertrand’s performance is part of our series of archival recordings from past Rewire editions. For our 2021 festival we presented an expansive online edition in May, comprising a number of innovative and remotely-staged performances from artists across the world.

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