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Watch back Rewire 2021 on demand!

11 May 2021

We're very excited to share that you can keep the spirit of Rewire 2021 alive by watching back nearly all of the festival on demand via our virtual festival hub here: Almost everything over the four days of the festival is now available to watch until Sunday 16th May.

Here we highlight some of the interactive projects you might have missed, so be sure to take some time to explore these mind-bending digital works before Sunday!

Pussykrew - Serpent of Self

‘Serpent of Self’ is an interactive film by award-winning directors and artists Pussykrew written in collaboration with AI. The work is a form of immersive gaming odyssey, that explores themes of materiality, non-binary dreams, mysticism, primal forces of nature and ritual. Through a collaborative machine learning process, by deconstructing past, present, and future, Pussykrew creates new narratives and mythologies driven by folklore and speculative fiction. They are trying to find new ways of seeing human/non-human experiences. Access this project directly here:

MSHR - Instance Terrain Crawler

MSHR conceived a special work for Rewire 2021 entitled 'Instance Terrain Crawler': an interactive audiovisual composition that takes form as a navigable virtual space. Building on their decade-long series of interactive installations, this project dives into the virtual dimension. Visitors play the composition by traversing the rooms and hallways of a cybernetic architecture. In this game-like virtual domain, time and space are linked as the composition unfolds through navigation.
Access this project directly here:

Music for a Busy City

Music for A Busy City features five new pieces of recorded music, each created in response to a specific characteristic location in the city centre. Up to 10 minutes long, these recorded pieces become part of the spaces that inspire them. The project consists of new commissioned compositions by Ain Bailey, Genevieve Murphy, and Pete Harden, Yannis Kyriakides presents two new pieces. Now with this online interpretation audiences are able to access these musical works remotely. Visitors are invited to explore a digital map of these five specific locations in The Hague, with 360-degree photography and video. Expanding our understanding of a musical experience, sound, physical and digital space, Music for a Busy City takes four composers out of the concert hall and into the urban landscape, making music for the spaces we pass every day. Access this project directly here:

Show Pony & The Rodina

For Rewire 2021, the Amsterdam-based, American-born artist Show Pony collaborated with design duo Tereza and Vit Ruller, aka The Rodina. Tereza and Vit run their design studio with an eye towards experimentation and play, spiking their virtual environments with surprising, subversive and thought-provoking elements. The three artists will be present a unique 3D online environment to launch Show Pony's debut EP, with exclusive media and live audience participation.
Access this project directly here:


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