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Watch back: Bby Eco at the Rewire 2021 - online edition

30 Jul 2021

Next up in our archival series of memorable performances that were specially conceived and recorded for the Rewire 2021 - online edition in May, is Dutch producer & vocalist Bby Eco. Check out the full performance below.

Amsterdam-based visual artist and producer Bby Eco makes utopian music he describes as eco-pop. He uses his own falsetto vocals to offset the music's psychedelic, synthesized textures, communicating the perpetual back-and-forth between the natural world and the digital world. De Electriciteitsfabriek in The Hague provided the perfect backdrop for this performance at the Rewire 2021 - online edition, as he drifted into dreamy, ethereal zones that contrasted with the harsh interior of the space. This was one of a number of performances that were produced on-site by Rewire in venues in The Hague in May.

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