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Watch: ABADIR’s mind-bending music video for ‘Pyrolysis’

13 Jan 2023

In his dazzling music video for Pyrolysis, ABADIR translates his raucous rave blends to a visual language that consists of a whirlwind of chaotic impressions, tucked away in a post-industrial basement.

Over the summer Cairo producer ABADIR, who recently relocated to Berlin, surprised the world with his new album ‘Mutate’ that showcased a decidedly different sound. Instead of his former drone productions that relied heavily on vocal samples, ABADIR opened up the array of possibilities that arise when the traditional Arabic rhythm patterns are matched with the likes of Jungle, Jersey Club, Reggaeton and Footwork. Resulting in a nervous, yet contagious listening experience that begs for a packed concrete basement with deafening subwoofers. 

For the music video of ‘Pyrolysis’ of the album, ABADIR had something similar in mind and connected with visual artist and designer Nicoló Cervello, who translated the renewed signature sound to the setting of an abandoned warehouse where the resounding beats spark a chain reaction of combustions. The inferno that ensues, flares up manically and eventually disappears into a void. Leaving the viewer in a daze, just like the music.

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