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Unveiling 27 new artists and projects for Rewire 2024

18 Jan 2024

With less than three months to go, Rewire is excited to announce a second round of artists to perform at its thirteenth edition taking place in The Hague between 4 and 7 April 2024. 

Alongside previously announced artists such as Annea Lockwood, Oneohtrix Point Never, Svitlana Nianio, Autechre, and Jenny Hval, we are adding 27 new names to the line-up, among them SUNN O))), Julia Holter, Jlin & Florence To, Lonnie Holley, and Simo Cell, who is performing live for the first time ever.

Returning to Rewire, and performing a Dutch exclusive show, is Julia Holter, who will present her new album that glistens with avant-pop experimentation. Bringing a soulful and heart-wrenching depth with his songs is self-taught visual artist and musician Lonnie Holley who showcases live his critically acclaimed album Oh Me Oh My (2023) – sharing his 73-year-long history through his poetic, quiet wisdom. Titanic – the cascading chamber-pop project of Rewire alum Mabe Fratti and Hector Tosta – make their world premiere live debut, while ML Buch proves why her 2023 album Suntub is so acclaimed with a live show that’s a confetti of gleaming guitars and heartfelt pop melodies.

An exciting range of new audiovisual encounters await at this year’s festival, including the European premiere of footwork innovator Jlin’s collaboration with visual artist Florence To, titled AKOMA, centered around her upcoming album that shares the same title. Composer and musician Maya Shenfeld presents Under The Sun, a new live A/V show made with artist Pedro Maia. The performance explores the ideas of change and repetition through the lens of deep time. Taking a microscopic lens to organic growth, the brand new A/V show by Roméo Poirier & Ohme – entitled Tales of Entropy – combines generative music production, light microscopy, and computer-generated images to create a hypnotic visual and aural landscape. Witness the European premiere of Myriam Bleau’s Hypermobility which beams scurrying volumetric laser projections amidst the crowd, and become immersed in Oceanic’s Choral Feeling when he performs a live performance of this adored album with visuals by animator and designer Tharim Cornelisse.

An icon of underground club music, Simo Cell arrives to The Hague for a debut live performance that promises to be full of rupturing bass and euphoric dance energy. Sounding at times like reduced, beatless rave music, PYUR’s songs are rich with life and movement as her upcoming album Lucid Anarchy (2024) attests to. In contrast, Kuwait-based DJ and producer Van Boom’s heavily beat-driven music brings a chaotic outsider quality to techno; laced with nu-metal grit his live show promises untethered distortion and rhythm. Raucous nu-metal energy pulses too in the music of Deli Girls, whose energetic live shows are a moshy safe haven for gabberinas and punks alike. Liliane Chlela premieres a new live set of unpredictable electronic compositions that span rave, noise, and dance music – leaving no frequency untouched. Building upon the potent experimental electronics of her first two albums, Venus Ex Machina prepares a new live show which places a keen focus on her vocal capacities – offering new concatenations of dark industrial techno and foreboding dungeon synth with burgeoning growls, metallic R&B melodies, and tense operatics. Pulling from influences as widely separated as jazz and Jersey club, H31R bring their completely unique brand of experimental electronics and hip hop to Rewire 2024.

Blending tradition with a contemporary approach, piper Brìghde Chaimbeul and choreographers and performers Maëva Berthelot & Temitope Ajose present the collaborative performance Where the Veil Is Thin, an ode through contemporary dance and traditional song to the Cailleach Bheur – a mythological one-eyed giantess who lived for centuries on the Scottish island of Erraid. Another collaboration which marries contemporary dance with live music takes the form of Mette Ingvartsen & Will Guthrie’s All Around, where the audience gathers around a performance space sparsely staged with a drum kit, a moving light, and the body of the dancer while they move as if in a trance in increasing intensity.

Performing their European debut, Ben Vida with Yarn/Wire & Nina Dante come to The Hague with their whimsical voice-driven compositions that sound like idiosyncratic poems sprung out from the page. A collaboration with a similar vocal intensity and an experimental approach to instrumentation at its core is between Phew & Oren Ambarchi – each a stalwart of the experimental scene, they come together to share a new live show at the festival. Rich blankets of noise, triumphant jazzy instrumentation, and blistering electronic beats will grace Rewire 2024 when HUUUM, the Vienna-based trio of musicians featuring Omid Darvish on vocals, Rojin Sharafi on electronics, and Álvaro Collao Leon on reeds, take to the stage to shatter the stereotypes around music from the region known today as Iran. With a somewhat gentler approach to their noise-making, we’re happy to announce Bristol four-piece Quade whose debut album Nacre (2023) portrays a band-sound quite unlike any other: taking post-punk and kraut-rock vocabularies and skewing them into something profoundly new-sounding. Musician, performer, composer, and sound designer Ka Baird also joins the Rewire 2024 line up to present music from their forthcoming album on RVNG Intl. Bearings: Soundtracks for the Bardos (2024). Through an array of effects and processing, hear them strum their vocal chords as if they were a harp, and listen to how the tiny crinkled utterances from their mouth form supernatural textures.

Last but certainly not least, we are proud to announce SUNN O))) for Rewire 2024. Returning to the stage in their original formation as a duo, Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson need no introduction: the seismic frequencies of their crunchy, battering, distorted guitars have shook audiences for 25 years. SUNN O))) perform on the closing day of Rewire 2024, immersed in profound valve amplification, spectral harmonics, distortion, and volume. Prepare for a live experience of physical sound, fog, and glacial maximalism like no other when they bring their abyssal form of doom metal experimentation to The Hague.

Rewire 2024 music line-up so far: 

*newly announced artists featured in bold

33EMYBW & Joey Holder
Amirtha Kidambi's Elder Ones
Amor Muere
Annea Lockwood 'Piano Burning'
Annea Lockwood 'Tête-à-tête’
Aunty Rayzor
Ben Frost feat. Greg Kubacki & Tarik Barri
Ben Vida with Yarn/Wire & Nina Dante
Brìghde Chaimbeul 
Brìghde Chaimbeul, Maëva Berthelot & Temitope Ajose ‘Where the Veil is Thin’
Cello Octet Amsterdam & Nick Verstand ‘Cocon’
Cole Pulice
Deli Girls
Gazelle Twin
goat (jp)
Iceboy Violet
Jenny Hval 'I Want To Be A Machine'
Jlin & Florence To ‘AKOMA’ 
Julia Holter
Ka Baird
Laura Ortman
Lila Tirando a Violeta & Sin Maldita 
Liliane Chlela (live)
Lonnie Holley
Maria W Horn & Sara Parkman ‘Funeral Folk’
Maya Al Khaldi & Sarouna
Maya Shenfeld & Pedro Maia ‘Under The Sun’
MAZE Ensemble & Annea Lockwood
Mette Ingvartsen & Will Guthrie ‘All Around’
ML Buch
Myriam Bleau ‘Hypermobility’
Neon Dance, Jóhann Jóhannsson & Yair Elazar Glotman, narration by Tilda Swinton ‘Last and First Men’
Nick León & Ezra Miller
Niecy Blues
Oceanic feat. Tharim Cornelisse ‘Choral Feeling’
One Leg One Eye
Oneohtrix Point Never
Orphax & MAZE Ensemble
Phew & Oren Ambarchi
Roméo Poirier & Ohme 'Tales of Entropy'
Saint Abdullah & Jason Nazary
Shovel Dance Collective
Simo Cell (live)
Slauson Malone 1
Space Afrika & Rainy Miller ‘A Grisaille Wedding’
Svitlana Nianio
The Necks
Van Boom (live)
Venus Ex Machina
Yarn/Wire performs the music of Annea Lockwood
Youmna Saba


Day Passes and 3-Day Passes for Rewire 2024 are still available, as are tickets for the opening programme consisting of Neon Dance, Jóhann Jóhannsson & Yair Elazar Glotman's 'Last and First Men' and Annea Lockwood's 'Piano Burning'. Book now via

The first batch of Plus Tickets for Autechre and Oneohtrix Point Never are sold out. The release date for the second batch of Plus Tickets will be announced shortly, while we sort out details in terms of capacity. All Rewire 2024 ticket buyers will be notified in advance.