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All in It Together

15 Mar 2023

Together with reflection partner Norient, Rewire launches the online publication All in It Together in response to the context programme’s Inter/relations theme, with essays, audio pieces and works of sonic fiction by authors from the Norient and Rewire network. How do artists relate to each other and their environments and how does it affect their music? In which way can new forms of listening lead to new perspectives? And how to think with rather than about music?

All in It Together
Rewire x Norient, 2023

In Search For New Vocabularies by Philipp Rhensius and Katía Truijen

An Equal Sound by Budhaditya Chattopadhyay

Through Space and Time by Renata Yazzie

Aesthetics Matter: New Ways of Storytelling by Suvani Suri, Abhishek Mathur, and Thomas Burkhalter

Micologies by Mark Peter Wright

Mapping Memories with Field Recordings by Gisela Swaragita

Destroy With Your Own Hands by Peggy Kyoungwon Lee

The Soundscape Speaks by Hildegard Westerkamp 

More to sound than meets the ears by Heloisa Amaral