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Support The Grey Space!

18 Jun 2024

We are saddened to learn that our beloved festival location The Grey Space In The Middle has received a negative advise for structural funding from the municipality of The Hague. The Grey Space is vital to The Hague’s cultural scene and its future is now at risk.⁠ We strongly hope that the municipality will find a way to continue its support for this important venue.⁠

During Rewire’s annual festival, The Grey Space functions as the festival hub where many performances and DJ sets take place, alongside talks, workshops, and radio broadcasts, while it's also a social meeting place for festival-goers from all walks of life.⁠ Read the appeal by The Grey Space and sign the petition below:

"Dear friends,

We call upon your help.

Now that the negative advise for structural funding (2025-2028) from the municipality of The Hague sunk in, and we had some time to ‘regroup’, we ask for your support.

We believe that The Grey Space has become a vital cultural space and social hub. And that we form a unique bridge between day- and nightculture in the centre of The Hague.

We have created a petition to urge the municipality to not follow the advice and to make sure that The Grey Space can continue to connect, build, grow and pioneer for all of us.

Please sign (and share) our petition to help secure the future of The Grey Space!"

Sign the petition

Photo by Sean Charlton White