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Rewire's Young Artist in Residence No Plexus releases debut album

05 Oct 2023

No Plexus, Rewire's Young Artist in Residence for 2023 and 2024, has just released their highly anticipated inaugural album Rite of Passage, which is out now available via The Platform Records. During the past weeks, the electronic music duo has captivated their audience and defied electronic music boundaries with the debut song and music video Observation out last September. During Rewire 2023, we have already enjoyed an impressive live set by the duo as a result of their collaboration with visual artist Emmanuel Biard.

Rite of Passage expresses the duo’s commitment to dive deep into experimental electronic music through a multi-layered sound experience, combining a variety of electronic music genres to fully express the contradictory themes of millennial dread and queer joy. The album is the result of a 5-year journey and extensive research of sound, ranging from pop, industrial synth-wave, and non-conventional sound structures. 

This release aims to flip conventional notions of musical genres and aesthetics, by showcasing extensive sonic and visual experimentation. The deployment of both industrial dark sounds, together with an intense hyperpop production, results in a cutting-edge, genre-bending sonic landscape. With eight tracks and a total runtime of 40 minutes, every song adds to the overarching narrative of millennial dread, offering a distinctive angle on the challenges and contradictions faced by the new generations as they seek their place in the world.

KALTBLUT Magazine kindly asked the Amsterdam-based duo to put together a mix of the influences for their debut album. The one-hour immersive explorative mix No Plexus Mixtape x KALTBLUT offers a captivating hour-long voyage, delving deep into the sounds that underpin its creation. 

Listen to Rite of Passage now through:

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