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Some Bandcamp recommendations for this summer

03 Aug 2023

Every first Friday of the month, Bandcamp waives their share of revenue to support your favourite artists. For the occasion, we have listed our favourite new releases for this summer, so you can use them to your advantage. This selection includes new albums by Ziúr, mu tate, Lawrence English & Lea Bertucci, Yikii - 铃宕 and many more. At the same time, this is your chance to get your hands on the last few copies of our first vinyl release, Remotely Together. Currently, this unique collaboration between claire rousay & Morita Vargas, Maria Chavez & Valentina Magaletti, and KMRU is selling like hot cakes. Get the album via our Bandcamp.

V/A - Invert Dance

Ziúr - Eyeroll

Gooooose - Rudiments

Yikii - 铃宕 / Black Hole Ringdown

Voice Actor - Fake Sleep

Lawrence English & Lea Bertucci - Chthonic

mu tate - they're with you always

DJs Di Guetto - DJs Di Guetto

Various Artists - PRESSURE (PART II)

Jack Sheen - Solo for Cello

Get your hands on Rewire's first vinyl release
Remotely Together introduces new works by claire rousay & Morita Vargas, Maria Chavez & Valentina Magaletti, and KMRU, all commissioned through remote residencies for Rewire’s 2021 - online edition. In the midst of COVID-19 lockdowns, Rewire initiated these collaborations between disparate artists from all over the world, connecting them remotely to explore new creative practices both online and in isolation. Get the album via our Bandcamp.