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Rewire x Korzo #4: Koreless presents The Well, Anenon, Torus, Arif

22 Nov 2016

With three incredible, sold-out nights under our belt, we’re delighted to close out 2016 with the fourth edition of our new collaboration with The Hague’s contemporary dance and music bulwark, Korzo.

On Friday, 16 December, we welcome back Welsh producer and Rewire 2014 artist Koreless, who, together with visual artist Emmanuel Biard, presents the Dutch debut of their immersive audiovisual performance, “The Well“. Joining the duo on the night is LA-based artist and producer Anenon, and his lush, saxophone-infused, electronic compositions. Representing the home front, the Rewire x Korzo #4 lineup is completed by local production savant Torus and Amsterdam-based DJ extraordinaire Arif.


At Rewire x Korzo, Korelesstakes yet another unexpected turn. Teaming up with visual artist Emmanuel Biard, Korelesspresents the Dutch debut of their immersive audiovisual performance, “The Well”. Commissioned by FutureEverything, “The Well” is a full-bodied experience with dense sound and light used as physical mediums. It interplays the oscillations of sound and light waves into a resonant spectacle both beautiful and threatening, colossal and fragile; employing mirrors, movement, airflow, lasers, subsonics, stroboscopics and high volume to create a physical connection with the audience and the visual and aural frequencies.



As Anenon, L.A. native Brian Allen Simon uses his saxophone and a myriad of contemporary tools to mine the intersection of electronics, jazz, improvisation and spiritual atmospherics. Emerging in the wake of L.A.’s prodigious beat scene, populated by the likes of Flying Lotus, The Gaslamp Killer and Nosaj Thing, Anenon’swork is both a nod to the jazzier sounds of his formative years, and cut from an entirely different cloth. Dropping the low-end beats and breaks, Anenoninstead crafts sweeping, evocative electronic arrangements infused with the delicate, live instrumentation of his peers as well as his own saxophone. His third and latest effort, Petrol, released by L.A. label Friends of Friends earlier this year, simultaneously evokes the moods of Vangelis’ Blade Runner soundtrack, the work of Philip Glass, and it’s own inspired source material, the densely-clustered L.A. sprawl.



Representing the homefront, The Hague-born artist and producer Joeri Woudstra unveils the latest iteration of his ever-evolving alterego, Torus. Debuting in 2012 with a self-titled EP for London label Sonic Router, the upstart producer and RBMA Tokyo graduate has gradually refined his expansive sonic aesthetic with each subsequent release by increasingly wedding his musical productions with his other artistic endeavours. The culmination is this past summer’s standout, Engine Malfunction Music, Vol. X [NO DJ], an ode to car-tuning compilations that fuses the beat-driven, spatial explorations of his early work with disparate elements of jungle, trance and eurodance.



Weaving the night together into a vibrant sonic tapestry is German-born, Amsterdam-based DJ, Arif. A founding member of Amsterdam collective Malawi and half of burgeoning techno duo Cosime – alongside previous Rewire x Korzo performer Oceanic – Arif is an incredibly versatile DJ, capable of showering the likes of Nachtiville, Dekmantel Selectors, Trouw and De School in endless hours of ambient bliss or punishing crowds with percussive, techno-driven sets.

Rewire x Korzo #4
Friday, December 16
With Koreless presents The Well, Anenon, Torus and Arif
Door open: 20:00
Tickets for Rewire x Korzo cost € 16 online (€ 18 at the door) and <27 years & students € 8 online (€ 10 at the door). For more information, visit