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Rewire statement on Black Lives Matter protests

02 Jun 2020

Rewire strongly opposes all forms of racism, anti-black violence and systemic forms of oppression that manifest themselves not just in the US, but globally, including here in The Netherlands. We feel it’s important not to be silent, but to encourage active participation, education and (physical and online) protest to enact lasting change. We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and all other PoC-led social movements that aim to bring about this change.

There are many resources and strategies that can be used to contribute. For those who can afford to donate, please consider making a contribution to at least one of the bail and legal funds for those who have been arrested as a result of their own participation. Activist and liberation groups are also in need of contributions to sustain the protests and further their reach. We have made donations to Black Visions Collective, Minnesota Freedom Fund, and Black Lives Matter.

Furthering your understanding of proactive anti-racist strategies is vitally important, as well as learning how systemic, structural racism has been allowed to exist over time. Find a list of different readings and educate yourself on these issues, as well as a list of organisations to donate to here:

Finally we encourage people to take part in protests if they are happening in your city. Please follow the corona safety restrictions and if you can’t take part because of this or any other reason please share your voice online. Every person who takes part helps bring more attention to these injustices, and sends a clear message to our political leaders that change needs to be enacted. Please remember that oppression and racism do not stop when they fall out of mainstream news cycles, we must all do more to make challenging racism a daily action.