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Rewire Reflections 2024 music magazine

30 May 2024

This year’s Rewire Reflections invited aspiring and early-career critics, writers, and researchers to join an intensive writing workshop led by Laura Snapes (music journalist and deputy music editor at the Guardian), and to create a zine that was launched on the last day of the festival. Participants were given the opportunity to interview artists and speakers or to reflect upon the festival’s music, context and film programme, whether in traditional reviews, discursive essays or more experimental, playful forms of the writer’s own invention. A limited edition of 200 copies of the zine were distributed during the festival, but for those who didn’t manage to get one, enjoy reading the zine via the link below!

Laura Snapes: “During Rewire 2024, a group of 15 participants made a zine over the weekend: interviewing and reviewing artists an writing essays on Friday and Saturday, before one furious final deadline session ahead of the zine being printed at Grafische Werkplaats on Saturday night and folded and distributed on Sunday morning. I facilitated the workshop, which also featured the guest speakers Hugo Emmerzael, Jasper Willems, Pieter Volckaert and Richard Foster talking about aspects of their practice and making a life in the arts; the participant Klaudia Orczykowska did the brilliant design as well as writing. It was a thrilling, mad rush to put it together and see this unique portrait of the first half of the weekend coming into focus: the participants’ writing is so alive and alert, with a comparably distinct approach to self-expression to the type of artists booked to perform at Rewire.”

Written by: Amy Gowen, Anneroos Goosen, Brit Seaton, Callum McLean, Hanna Kubaszewska, Heidi Holmström, Heu Hsu, Jeff Sermon, Julie Landers, Klaudia Orczykowska, Kris Cooper, Luca Dattisi, Nour Ben Said, Samuel Hertz and Valentina Vella.
Designed by: Klaudia Orczykowska
Edited by: Laura Snapes

Read the Rewire Reflections 2024 zine