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Rewire collaborates with independent bookstore Page Not Found for Rewire 2022

02 Apr 2022

As part of the Rewire 2022 Discourse programme, this year Rewire collaborates with The Hague-based independent bookstore Page Not Found on a number of activities during the festival. Read more below.

Page Not Found is a space for publishing as artistic practice, which circulates books made by artists and illuminates their creative process. The space combines a specialised bookstore and a cultural platform hosting presentations, performances, workshops, reading sessions and exhibitions. Within a rich and diverse cultural programme artists, writers, designers and publishers share their enthusiasm for artistic publishing and contemporary art.

During Rewire 2022, artist, writer and theorist Brandon LaBelle will host a series of three ‘Resonance Seminars’ at Page Not Found, to explore how resonance operates in experiences of cooperation and communal effort, as well as its place within expressions of social recognition. Each seminar takes place at 13.00 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

In addition, a zine designed by Fallon Does, which includes contributions from M Lamar, Brandon LaBelle, artist Grouper, poet Momtaza Mehri and FUJI|||||||||||TA will be launched on Friday at 16.00. This is freely available at the store and is combined with a series of sonic meditations shared by composer and vocalist Kristin Norderval.

On Sunday at 14.00, artist M Lamar will facilitate a reading group on We Real Cool: Black Men and Masculinity by cultural theorist, bell hooks to think through rituals of dominance and power and how we can turn to the prolific writing of bell hooks as a starting point on a journey of healing and love.

Finally, each day at the store Japanese sound artist FUJI|||||||||||TA will also present his film soramimi on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the store, running from 15.00 - 18.00.

Quoting the artist on his film: "soramimi means "mishearing" in English. It means that you hear a sound that is not actually being made. My days are filled with soramimi. Searching, Searching, Searching, But it is rarely found." 

A film by FUJI|||||||||||TA, recorded at his house and in his neighborhood. Edited by Tatsunori Kasai, graphic design by Junpei Inoue, special thanks to Yusuke Nakano. The work was commissioned by VIRTUALLYREALITY.

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