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Rewire collaborates with Club Qu for 2021 online edition

14 Apr 2021

In collaboration with virtual club Club Qu, the Rewire 2021 online edition will present a number of DJ-sets and hybrid club performances on Saturday 8th May at the club. Imagine a rave and a video game combined, in an immersive, interactive, community-led 3D club where attendees can party with one-another whilst experiencing performances from artists from across the globe. Find out more about the line-up below.

Find out more about Club Qu here.


Brazilian DJ Badsista’s musical ability leads the dance floor by various genres of electronic music, such as techno, Chicago house, Brazilian funk. Music of the global ghetto. And that’s why her presence is much sought at parties such as Mamba Negra, Sangra Muta, and Tormenta – the underground scene of São Paulo; or around the globe. At the beginning of 2017, Badsista started a new partnership with Brazilian singer Linn da Quebrada acting as musical director on her 2017 album ‘Pajubá’. This also kicked off their new project Bandida, a feminist DJ collective bringing women, LGBT folks and people of colour into the industry.



China's Hyph11E is at the forefront of a new generation of producers in Shanghai spearheading China’s club music movement. Hyph11E released her debut EP in 2017. Vanishing Cinema arrived via Shanghai imprint SVBKVLT, and featured remixes from Tzusing, M.E.S.H. and Kid Antoine. The bass-heavy EP boasts dark, formidable sound design arranged into hard-hitting club rhythms, and is an exciting signal of the emerging, vibrant Shanghai club scene. More recently, she has released a collaborative EP with Hakuna Kulala’s Slikback; an explosive transmutation of their respective styles that co between Africa and Asia.


Siete Catorce:

Siete Catorce began as an alternate project of producer Marco Polo Gutierrez. Though initially reminiscent of new cumbia, the project soon went on to form a unique and signature sound. His tracks’ have gained notoriety through their unique mesh of tropical rhythms, both old and new, coupled with intricate drum work,influenced by styles like dubstep, drum n bass and footwork (to name a few),which are often characterized by a disquieting tone, exacerbated by poignant piano motifs and ominous atmospherics.



Following a string of hard hitting singles for L.I.E.S. in 2014 and 2015, Shanghai-based Taiwanese producer and Shelter club resident, Tzusing, blew the dance music community away with his debut LP 東方不敗 in 2017. With his signature blend of techno, industrial/EBM and world music in peak form, it stands as genre defining statement for techno in 2017. His follow up EP 瞬千擊 for Bedouin has been making massive waves, mining further terrain into an a genre-melting, global dancefloor sound where the rules of techno have been thrown out the window and fun is the paramount parameter.



Both BFTT’s productions and DJ sets traverse techno-club conventions with playful and personal innovations as heard on releases via Polity, Gobstopper Records and AD 93 or via a monthly residency on Sable Radio. BFTT is also co-curator and resident DJ for North UK based multi-media collective Mutualism, who hold a monthly residency with NTS Radio, as well as recently starting up the club focussed label ‘YCO’ with frequent collaborator AYA.


Bashar Suleiman:

Bashar Suleiman aka Lil Asaf is a music producer / MC and songwriter based in Amman jordan, one half of INSIN band and one third of Hikma VIP club. Bashar's sonic modus operandi completely rejects any standard production techniques and instead ventures into a raw state that is simultaneously caressing and obliterating.


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