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Rewire 2023 in reports

25 Apr 2023

While we’re still relishing the Rewire 2023 weekend, we have compiled a collection of reviews and reports that have covered and reflected on the festival. Ranging from different national and international publications, these sources offer their own perspectives on Rewire 2023. More articles will be added in the coming weeks.


“Het Haagse festival Rewire bewijst dat de spannendste muziek van nu buiten de hokjes valt” - de Volkskrant
Read de Volkskrant’s review

“Het halve centrum spreekt Engels, er liggen robot-tulpen in het gras voor de Nieuwe Kerk... …De Haagse cultuurkenner weet meteen: Rewire is weer in de stad. Het festival is dit jaar zichtbaarder en populairder dan ooit tevoren.” - OOR
Read OOR’s review

“Het Haagse stadsfestival Rewire zet grensverleggende elektronica naast avontuurlijke artiesten uit alle hoeken van de wereld”

“Geweldig om te zien hoe de scherpe programmering zorgt voor internationale allure. Het hele weekend hoor je een mengelmoes van talen.” - VPRO 3voor12 
Read 3voor12’s review

“Rewire vindt de betere balans tussen onbekend, doorbrekend en superster. Namen als Fever Ray en Patti Smith stonden gebroederlijk naast CS + Kreme en Coby Sey.” - Gonzo (circus)
Read Gonzo (circus)’s Friday, Saturday and Sunday review

“De laatste keer overprikkeld raken op het avontuurlijke festival dat Rewire heet.” - VPRO 3voor12 Den Haag
Read 3voor12 Den Haag’s Friday, Saturday and Sunday review

“Het grensverleggende festival Rewire 2023 in Den Haag was tijdens het afgelopen Paasweekend meer dan ooit een muzikale hoogmis” - Festileaks
Read Festileaks’ review

“In verschillende culturele hotspots in de Haagse binnenstad genoot een internationaal publiek van een bijzonder uitgebreid aanbod vol vooruitstrevende en genre-overstijgende muziek, kunst, workshops, films, interdisciplinaire stukken, discussies en interviews en clubnachten”- MuziScene
Read MuziScene’s review

Read Nieuwe Noten’s Friday, Saturday and Sunday review


“What sets Rewire apart is the bold curation on show... …Put simply, Rewire was an embarrassment of riches.” - Resident Advisor
Read Resident Advisor review

“Whatever venue you venture into, you are sure to be treated to transportive sonics, site-specific practices or otherwise positive provocations you’ll remember long after coming back out.“

“Meticulously curated and impeccably assembled, Rewire Festival’s annual avant-garde assault shows no signs of waning.”- Metal Magazine
Read Metal Magazine’s review

"Though it was easy to feel overwhelmed by the programme’s density, concerns of missing out were overridden by the realisation that it was, in fact, impossible not to be in the right place at the right time." - Crack Magazine

Read Crack Magazine's review

"In every instance, Rewire Festival’s curatorial framework and programming acted as evidence of the power of sound that lets one express the unspeakable." - CLOT Magazine

Read Clot's review

“It is precisely this fluidity of narratives, worlds, disciplines and approaches that was embodied and felt throughout the entire program and performances I attended. The power of imagination, driven by the affective power of art, which was omnipresent in most of the presentations, literally enlarged your world or transported it momentarily to other dimensions.” - Kaltblut Magazine
Read Kaltblut Magazine’s review

“Bij Rainy Miller klinkt de autotune als het ultieme wapen om wanhoop in klank om te zetten.” - Knack Focus
Read Knack Focus’ review

“Rewire has long positioned itself as a festival for future music. Of course, music *isn’t just music* these days. The festival booklet – as ever – boasts a number of serious essays about the multifarious forms that adventurous sounds take in these atomised times.” - Louder Than War
Read Louder Than War’s Friday, Saturday and Sunday review

“Those well-acquainted with the Rewire-ethos know it’s all about exploring the extremes.”

“No matter which way you engage Rewire Festival, this event – as the name blatantly underscores – always leaves visitors with an abundance of narrative threads to untangle.” - Beats Per Minute
Read Beats Per Minute’s review

“How do artists relate to each other and their environments and how does it affect their music? In which way can new forms of listening lead to new perspectives?” - Norient
Read Norient’s special “All in It Together”

Artist features

Enormous lengths: body, space and sound in the work of Ellen Fullman - KoozArch

EX.657 Tzusing / RA Exchange - Resident Advisor

On Pitch Blender, Zoë Mc Pherson is cooking up a cybernetic storm - Dazed 

In Focus: Rewire Festival | GRAND RIVER - T-MAG

No Plexus X Rewire 2023 - Metal Magazine

Naomi Rincón Gallardo, affective excess within ‘assemblages of entangled embodiments’ - CLOT Magazine

Pop Zone: Himera - Crack Magazine

Turning the Tables: Experimental turntablists Maria Chavez, Evicshen and Mariam Rezaei join Verity Sharp to unravel the wonders of their instrument - BBC3, Late Junction