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Rewire 2022 in reports

06 May 2022

As we continue to look back on Rewire 2022, we can now share a collection of reviews and reports by a wide range of different national and international publications. More articles will be added in the coming weeks.


“Avant-garde festival Rewire went pleasantly against the grain. The performances excelled with dedicated precision and were meticulously orchestrated” - NRC
Read NRC’s review here.

“Meredith Monk’s ‘folk from another planet’ is relevant and never ceases to mesmerize.” - de Volkskrant ★★★★
Read de Volkskrant’s review here.

“Dit weekend kon je weer kopje onder in de elektronische avant-garde op het Haagse stadsfestival Rewire, waar vooruitstrevende muziek op het schild wordt gehesen en het dringen is voor de kleinste acts. We zagen acts als Evian Christ en Tarta Relena opstijgen, en synthesizer-fantast en gedroomde afsluiter Caterina Barbieri maakte het helemaal waar.” - VPRO 3voor12
Read the 3voor12 review here

“Muziek als brug naar grotere kwesties” - OOR
Read the OOR review here

Check out the Gonzo (circus) 10 highlights from Rewire 2022 here.

“Rewire is in 2022 nog steeds de eenhoorn in festivallandschap. Zo uniek dat het niet te kopiëren valt.” VPRO 3voor12 Den Haag
Read the 3voor12 Den Haag review here.

“Vrouwenstemmen overrompelen Rewire 2022” - Festileaks
Read the Festileaks report here.

Nieuwe Noten (Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4)

Read the Dansende Beren report of the Sunday programme here

“Het leukste is misschien wel de diversiteit die op het festival opvalt, zowel in de line-up en in het publiek.” Den
Read's report of the festival here.


"From a broad-ranging celebration of Meredith Monk’s genius to a mind-melting show from Mabe Fratti, and stellar performances from Circuit des Yeux, aya, Caterina Barbieri and more, this year’s Rewire showed us glimpses of a better possible world" - The Quietus
Read The Quietus' review here.

“One of Europe’s go-to destinations for forward-thinking and exploratory music of all shades and colours.” - Crack Magazine
Read the Crack Magazine review here.

"Monk’s transfixing, but ego-less presence on stage, her pristine sounding ensemble in a pristine sounding room and an attentive audience made me realize how deeply missed opportunities like these were over the last two years." - Zweikommasieben
Read the Zweikommasieben review here.

"As we return to live events, their importance in community building soon tends to surface, due in no small part to the way in which live performances such as these foster environments of intimacy." - AQNB
Read AQNB's review here.

“We have memories that we will remember for the rest of our lives as a result of Rewire 2022” - Noctis Mag
Read the Noctis Mag review here.

“We left tired, happy, and wanting to go back” - Beatburger
Read the Beatburger review of Rewire 2022 here.

“Already missing the eardrum smacks, dark rooms and intimidating strobe lights, memories sit with us that will be cherished forever thanks to Rewire 2022.” - Broke Magazine
Read the Broke Magazine review here.

'The rinsing electronic impact of Rewire's night-time programming complements the intellectualism of the daytime activities, and contributes to an overall sense that Rewire is a really vital engagement with the contemporary" - London Jazz News
Read London Jazz News’ report here.

"The Hague festival showed how music can create different narratives of reality – whether it’s minimalism in the Amare concert hall or pulsating techno in the 18th-century theatre under Henricus Jansen’s vault paintings." - Nowe Idzie Od Morz
Read Nowe Idzie Od Morz’s review here.

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Artist Features:

Ecko Bazz: smuggling love into the apocalypse - Pan African Music
Cheb Runner, angry immigrant music for a unified dancefloor - Pan African Music
In Focus: Rewire Festival 2022 | DEBIT - T-Magazine
In Focus: Rewire Festival 2022 | MARINA HERLOP - T-Magazine
SUNDAY BREAKFAST WITH KRISTIN NORDEVAL | From Rewire Festival 2022 - T Magazine
Holly Childs & Gediminas Žygus pen a love letter to Odesa amidst planetary emergency with ‘, Throw’ - FACT

Radio reviews:

Radio WORM Goes To...Rewire - w/ Ceola and Ash, part 1 (11.04.22)
Radio WORM Goes To...Rewire - w/ Ceola and Ash, part 2 (24.04.22)
Listen back to Deutschlandfunk Kultur's radio review of Rewire 2022 here.
Swiss radio station 3FACH also reviewed the festival, listen here.
Listen to radio station 100.7 Luxembourg's review of Rewire 2022 here.
ČESKÝ ROZHLAS, National Public Radio Prague review.