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Resident Advisor to interview Slikback at Rewire 2022

25 Mar 2022

In a live edition of their longstanding RA Exchange podcast series, Resident Advisor interview Slikback during Rewire 2022.

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A prolific and omnivorous musician, Slikback has emerged as one of the most exciting club artists from East Africa in recent years. Known for his dark sound design and mischievous approach to sampling and composition, he has found a terrific aesthetic mold for his unique fusion of contemporary club styles like techno, dubstep, jungle, breakbeat, footwork, trap and drill. In this extended interview, RA's editor in chief Whitney Wei will be in conversation with Slikback on Sunday 10 April during Rewire 2022, as they sit down to discuss his artistic practice and meteoric rise.

Listen to Slikback's latest album 'CONDENSE':

Listen on bandcamp

Slikback also presents a newly commissioned collaboration with Weirdcore entitled 'VOID' on Friday 8 April.