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(Re)setting - Open Call

05 Dec 2019

As part of the Rewire 2020 programme we are looking for writers, artists and critical thinkers to explore this year’s festival theme of (Re)setting. Submit a short proposal for a longer written piece to our editorial team. Selected texts will be commissioned andpublished ahead of the festival. Deadline for submissions is 21 January 2020.

April 2020 will see the 10th instalment of Rewire festival, an endeavour that explores adventurous sounds and artistic expression within the context of contemporary music. Held over the course of the festival is an extensive discourse programme consisting of workshops, lectures and screenings. This open call offers the opportunity to engage with the festival theme through written texts such as fiction, poetry, theory and interviews.

The theme of Rewire 2020 will be (Re)setting; examining the way humans and sound relate to changing environments. In an era defined by man’s interaction with nature and advancing technological developments, (Re)setting responds to new listening experiences, urbanisation, the changing rural landscape and the ecological crisis. It seeks to trouble current perspectives and investigate the processes of change and adjustment.

We’re interested in how this theme sounds; what you hear when we talk about shifting landscapes, the noise of change, how listening is being performed and actioned, and the strategies left unspoken at the table. We want to think about why nature is often considered a place we can visit rather than an entity we are part of and how technology is seen as oppositional, supportive and destructive all at the same time. We want to recognise the constant flux of humans, sounds and places that make up our world and the labour and systems that often escape our eyes.

(Re)setting will loosely fall around 4 sub-themes and we welcome you to submit proposals under one or more of these: Music on Site focuses on the direct links between music and the physical, geographic context in which it exists. It looks at the specific spaces in which music is (and can) be performed and in which it is (and can) be produced. Sonic Ecology looks at the noise of change (e.g. urbanisation and development). Social Space & Music (Civil Music) explores acoustic space as a statement of social relations. Instrumental Shifts pt. II follows the pace and impact of emerging technology as it affects our sensory engagement to place.


→ Submissions must be received before 21 January via email to;
→ Proposals should be no longer than 300 words;
→ Please include your name, contact details and a short bio or cv;
→ Commissioned texts should be completed by 1 March 2020 and be around 500 to 1500 words;
→ All commissions will be paid and participants will be invited to attend Rewire 2020;
→ For more information and our programme visit