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Read: The Quietus on Beans’ album ZWAARD

21 Mar 2024

In the realm of avant-garde hip-hop, Beans has long been a luminary, known for his distinctive, fast-flowing and poetic style. His impressive discography spans over two decades, entailing an extensive list of collaborators, including artists like Vernon Reid, Kool A.D., and DJ Shadow, Four Tet. Beans' newest release, ZWAARD, marks another milestone in his career as he collaborates with Finnish artist and producer Sasu Ripatti aka Vladislav Delay.

Beans' first solo album in six years, ZWAARD is characterized by transcendental production, crisp beats, and the rapper’s distinctive unconventional futurist approach to lyrics. The album entails Delay's post-2020 stylistic evolution, blending elements of dub, frenetic drums, and experimental noise. 

"The vibe is kick drums stumbling punch drunk through an ice cave. It’s next level stuff – a nightmare of shattered rhythms and hyperkinetic verbiage – in a good way."

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Beans performs at Rewire 2024 on Friday 5 April