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Read: The Quietus interviews One Leg One Eye

20 Mar 2024

In a recent interview with The Quietus founding member of Dublin's experimental folk ensemble Lankum, Ian Lynch, provided insights into his latest solo venture as One Leg One Eye with his debut album … And Take The Black Worm With Me (2022).

Lynch's creative process for this album expanded beyond the confines of his bedroom studio, incorporating an eclectic array of field recordings from unconventional locales. From the bustling ambiance of a local train station to the serene shores of Bulloch Harbour on Dublin's southeastern coast, and even the hallowed halls of Vilnius Cathedral in Lithuania. Each recording added a layer of depth and texture to the album, culminating in a sound that seems to be rooted in the raw aesthetics of second-wave black metal.

With … And Take The Black Worm With Me Lynch adopted a fresh approach to music. Each composition became imbued with layers of emotional depth, reflecting the intricacies of his own inner journey.

“I saw the making of the album as my whole plan for working through various negative ideas I had about myself.”

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One Leg One Eye performs at Rewire 2024 on Friday 5 April