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Read: HUUUM explores the power of folk futurism

12 Feb 2024

Vienna-based trio HUUUM featuring Omid Darvish, Rojin Sharafi, and Álvaro Collao Leon, embodies the essence of Folk Futurism. The self-titled debut album by HUUUM, shatters pre-made western stereotypes on Iranian music into pieces by exploring its evolution through time, landscapes, history, and experimentalism.

HUUUM reinterprets folklore in the present and envisions its role in the future, recognizing it as a potent source of a community's emotions, such as rage, desire, and sorrow. The band sees various dialects, dances, and tunes as a form of revolution, preserving elements that may one day be lost.

What might sound new to the Iranian listeners is the jazz-electronic-avant-garde side and the performative ways in which the melodies are skewed to a grotesque, mysterious, and –somehow – primitive character, and possibly, the extent of self-exoticism found in the pieces.

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HUUUM performs on Sunday 7 April at Rewire 2024.