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Read: H31R in conversation with Crack Magazine

20 Feb 2024

Read H31R’s conversation with Crack Magazine, as they talk about the creation of their genre-busting, pioneering second release, HeadSpace (2023) and their shared desire to push the boundaries of music.

Evolving from the playful sample-driven production of their debut ve​·​loc​·​i​·​ty (2020), HeadSpace is a synthy assemblage of glitched-out grooves and crisp sequencing covered with a coating of smooth bars. In compositions like "Backwards," they seamlessly fuse semi-industrial beats with deep introspection: while sharing their appreciation for sonic experimentalism, thematically, they aspire to delve into universal thoughts and emotions shared by many.

“Maassai and I have gone through a lot of similar things the past couple of years,” says JWords, soberly. “Even though I’m not writing the lyrics, I resonate with these songs, because it’s what I was experiencing as well.”

Read the interview on Crack Magazine

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H31R performs live at Rewire 2024 on Friday 5 April.