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Read: Debit interviewed by DAZED

15 Mar 2022

With her latest album 'The Long Count', Mexican-American artist Debit dives deeper into the origins of Mexican music, sourcing sounds of pre-hispanic Mexican instruments that date back to Mayan civilization. DAZED recently caught up with her to discuss her process on the album. Read the full interview below.

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"The subject matter came after I approached the structure. I wanted to use this tech to access this moment in time. From there, realising there is a meta-reflection. That’s why I named the album The Long Count, because it's one of the systems of timekeeping that the Mayans had. They predicted the end of the world, which is the direction we’re moving in."

Read Debit's full DAZED interview here.

Released via the Manchester-based Modern Love label, the album marks an exciting turn in the producer's career. Using machine learning and taking inspiration from musique concrète, Beatriz revitalizes whistles, ocarinas, flutes and other wind instruments from the archives of the Mayan Studies Institute at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and instills them with a contemporary sense of urgency, through beatless compositions with captivating electro-acoustic textures.

Listen to The Long Count here:


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