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Premiere: Maya Shenfeld & Pedro Maia - Light, Refracted

27 Mar 2024

In the wake of her celebrated debut album, In Free Fall (2022), hailed by The Guardian as a standout in contemporary music, Maya Shenfeld returns with a daring expansion of her musical vision in Under the Sun, her latest release out  on February 23rd via Thrill Jockey. In the run-up to her Rewire performance, Maya Shenfeld shares the video for the track “Light, Refracted” exclusively with Rewire. 

Maya Shenfeld’s Under the Sun demonstrates once again her ability to blend orchestral ambition and meticulous composition, while highlighting her affinity for exploring the interplay between noise and delicate intricacies. Shenfeld ventures further into this musical vision, presenting a collection of compositions that delve into themes of transformation, repetition, the passage of time, and fleeting moments of existence. Developed and crafted over the span of two years, the album was meticulously composed and produced in both a studio in Berlin and amidst the depths of a marble quarry in Portugal. Shenfeld extracted sounds from this scarred, deeply mined landscape, and threaded these samples into rich arrangements of synthesizers and acoustic instruments. 

Watch the video premiere of Maya Shenfeld & Pedro Maia - “Light, Refracted” here:

Watch "Maya Shenfeld - "Light Refracted" (official music video directed by Pedro Maia)" by "Thrill Jockey Records" on

Maya Shenfeld & Pedro Maia perform at Rewire 2024 on Sunday 7 April