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No Plexus unveils ‘Observation’ ahead of album release

18 Sep 2023

No Plexus' new single Observation is out now, and is a preview of their upcoming debut album to be released on 6 October. On Rite of Passage, the genre-queer electronic duo expands their creative vision through a sonic experimentation that brings together bubblegum pop, industrial synthwave and dubstep. Their new single and music video is an invitation to reflect on the generational gap between millennials and boomers. No Plexus is Rewire’s Young Artist in Residence for 2023 and 2024.

Comprising of vocalist and composer Bec Plexus and producer No Compliments, the Amsterdam-based duo explores electronic music's undefined future, by experimenting with non-traditional song structures, complex sound design and storytelling. Their concept-driven approach to music is the result of both artists' background in contemporary classical music, fusing with a shared affinity for electronic music.

Their new single Observation, released September 8th, is the result of unusual sound research fusing together hyperpop and industrial music. The duo makes use of visual and sound storytelling to make a sarcastic and at times sardonic critique of the difficult relationship between millennials and the boomers generation. No Plexus is able to provoke the listener's emotions by employing sounds from the turn of the century that are heavily based on samples, along with visuals that invoke a sense of nostalgia. They combine a wide variety of modern electronic music genres resulting in the subversion of 90s pop music conventions and aesthetics. 

Watch the music video for Observation below:

Watch "No Plexus - Observation" by "No Plexus" on

Observation is part of the album Rite of Passage, coming out on 6th October on The Platform Records.