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Rewire offers night bus in the direction of Amsterdam & Utrecht

05 Apr 2023

With Rewire about to kick off, we’d like to make sure your journey to The Hague is as flawless as possible. Due to an incident earlier this week, it is expected that this weekend there will be no night trains running between Den Haag and Leiden, in the direction of Amsterdam and Utrecht. From Leiden the night train to Amsterdam and Utrecht resumes normal service. 

Therefore, Rewire is offering a night bus from Den Haag Central Station to Leiden Centraal, connecting with the night train in the direction of Amsterdam and Utrecht.

The bus departs from Den Haag Centraal Station (Bus Platform) at:

  • Friday night 01.45 (Saturday morning)
  • Saturday night 01.45 (Sunday morning)

This service costs €5 including service & transaction costs.

Order your shuttle bus ticket here

During the day The Hague is still very easy to reach from Amsterdam & Utrecht. The extra travel time is between 15 and 30 minutes. Before departure, make sure you plan your trip via, for the best possible train journey.