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Live from Rewire 2023: RA Exchange with Tzusing

29 Apr 2023

During Rewire 2023 Resident Advisor’s Chloe Lula sat down with Tzusing after his Saturday night set. He spoke about the production of his latest album, Chinese club culture and his move towards a sound that isn't indebted to a singular genre or scene.⁠

As a DJ, Tzusing’s sets mix streamlined techno, industrial electronics, non-western dance music, and contemporary club music. He adds to this a sincere belief in the redemptive power of pop music, ready to drop sophisticated, classic Asian pop into the middle of club sets. In his own productions Tzusing recombines these influences into aggressive, cathartic music, inflected with off-kilter half-step rhythms, strange harmonic textures, and thick, unnaturally resonant drums. Tzusing’s releases on formative club imprint L.I.E.S. go against the grain of conventional notions of “Chinese-ness,” authenticity, and belonging, asking what these signifiers mean and who they belong to, as diasporas mutate beyond national borders. With 绿帽 Green Hat, LP on PAN, Tzusing expands on his sonic prowess and artistic vision, seeking out visceral fun and critical subversion in equal parts.

Listen here to the Tzusing RA Exchange