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Listen: Zoë Mc Pherson releases third album Pitch Blender

03 Mar 2023

The Irish-French artist has just released their dizzying 10-track album Pitch Blender. The result is a 47-minute trip consisting of a lot of granular bits, and even more brilliant pieces.

Zoë Mc Pherson’s newest addition to their back catalogue is a daring one: with wobbly basses and distant jungle breaks, Mc Pherson has shaped a collection of cybernetic sound system experiments that explore the intersection of rave and art. Sometimes they are driving up the pace - as they do on ‘Blender’ - to abruptly pull the breaks right after - as they do on the track ‘Unidentified Objects’. With this stop-start approach, Mc Pherson concocts a highly unusual sound work that first tries to floor you, to later pick you up, and knock you out again. As the second to last track of the album tells you: it’s all about ‘Power Dynamics’. 

Zoë Mc Pherson will perform together with Allesandra Leone on Friday 7 April at Rewire 2023.

Listen to the album here.