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Listen: Crack Mix 547 - Venus Ex Machina

15 Feb 2024

Crack Mix 547 delves into the sci-fi-inspired, textural sonic terrains crafted by composer, sound designer, and interdisciplinary artist Nontokozo F. Sihwa, well known for her compelling electronic compositions under the alias Venus Ex Machina. Her music ventures into ominously atmospheric territories, blending elements of dark industrial techno and haunting dungeon synth, all while retaining a focus on rhythmic complexity, diverse textures, and innovative melodies. 

With her albums Lux (2021) and Doxa (2022), on label AD 93, Venus Ex Machina made a name for herself as a masterful producer of divergent synthesised soundscapes that spanned forlorn ambient, krauty experimental electronics, lo-fi techno, and energetic dark wave. The fusion of celestial soundscapes with industrial electronics, becomes tangible in this Crack Series Mix, showcasing her ability to construct intricately detailed sonic architectures.

Listen to Crack Mix 547: Venus Ex Machina

Venus Ex Machina performs live at Rewire 2024.