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Listen: new music by Space Afrika & Rainy Miller, and Ben Frost

15 Nov 2023

Two weeks after the first announcement of artists and projects for Rewire 2024, the new music just keeps on coming. Space Afrika & Rainy Miller released their collaborative debut album A Grisaille Wedding, intricately fusing burnt trip-hop, concrète ambience, and industrialized drill. At the same time Ben Frost shared his new single “Turning the Prism”, the first studio music released by Frost in six years.

The immersive, wistful soundscapes and deep rhythms of ambient duo Space Afrika and the warbled R&B introspection of Rainy Miller are a spellbinding match. The collaboration between Rainy Miller and Manchester-Berlin duo Space Afrika, featuring artists like Mica Levi and Iceboy Violet, expands beyond its initial EP concept. Inspired by urban history, the album marks Space Afrika's return since Honest Labour and follows Miller's DESQUAMATION. The collection explores dark sonic corners, emphasizing lyricism and guided by bold, lawless production. A Grisaille Wedding is a controlled drama, navigating romantic, harsh, and revealing moments, celebrating the artists' skills with both fun and ambition.

Space Afrika & Rainy Miller perform live at Rewire 2024

Ben Frost is a musician and composer whose renowned work traverses minimal, experimental, industrial, and noise. In his new track “Turning the Prism” Frost intertwines his vivid sonic storytelling, commanding sound physicality, and subtle field recordings into a unified entity. The track encapsulates his distinctive signature, characterised by intricate interplays of tension, fragility, and life force. 

Ben Frost performs live at Rewire 2024 together with Greg Kubacki & Tarik Barri

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