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Listen: Maya Shenfeld releases new album Under the Sun

26 Feb 2024

Composer, artist, and musician Maya Shenfeld returns with her latest release, Under the Sun, balancing orchestral ambition and compositional rigor with the intricate nuances of synthesizer tones. Following the critical acclaim of her debut album In Free Fall in 2022, her new Thrill Jockey-released album boldly extends Shenfeld's musical narrative. 

Each of the compelling compositions in Under the Sun possess their own distinct character; some resonate with sharp, edgy tones reminiscent of a suspenseful thriller, while others are serene, ethereal journeys into unfolding skyscapes of sci-fi optimism. The kaleidoscopic soundscape of Under the Sun enhanced Shenfeld’s cinematic music with nuanced layers of microtonal choral arrangements and enveloping reverberations. 

Watch "Maya Shenfeld - "Interstellar" official music video, directed by Pedro Maia" by "Thrill Jockey Records" on

Composed and produced between a studio in Berlin and on site at one of the world’s deepest marble quarries in Portugal, Under the Sun stands as a bold testament to Shenfeld's artistic practice. While the Berlin-created sound recordings provide a human counterpoint, the field recordings taken in Portugal are threaded into rich arrangements of synthesizers and acoustic instruments.

“It’s an evocative existential querying of the here and now, whilst also communicating a desire for a better tomorrow. Under the Sun paints a landscape true of its nature, and not the one(s) we fanatically conjure for the benefit of self-interests, or even self-preservation.”

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Maya Shenfeld performs a live A/V show together with Pedro Maia at Rewire 2024 on Sunday 7 April